the AU interview: Ludovico Einaudi (Turin)

If you’ve been following and indeed getting amongst this year’s GRAPHIC Festival, then Ludovico Einaudi’s scheduled performance at the Opera House on October 7th is probably set to be one of the festival’s major highlights. The Italian musician and composer is going to be making his Australian debut with his six-piece band, performing songs from an extensive catalogue which has seen a fusion of many different musical strands come to life in an incredibly unique way. His GRAPHIC Festival show will be accompanied by the visuals of Italian artist Claudio Sinatti, opening the show up completely for interpretation.

“The project that I am bringing is a different version of what I’ve been touring this year, my project In A Time Lapse. At the GRAPHIC Festival, it will be featured with the work of the Italian artist Claudio Sinatti. He’s a visual artist who has been collaborating with this for the festival.”

“The way that the visuals are connected, in a similar way to the orchestration of the music, it doesn’t have a specific direction or point of view. It is very open and very abstract, so you can read the many possibilities and many meanings.”

For Einaudi, this upcoming Australian trip goes deeper than just another stop on his world tour, as he reveals that his connection with Australia goes back further than his current music career.

“This is probably the most exciting trip I have done this year; my grandfather moved to Sydney after the war and he was a conductor and composer and so I am looking forward to coming there just to see where he lived and to remember him. I’m very looking forward to coming, because this is going to be my first time in Australia and Sydney. It’s beautiful to be able to come and to play at the Opera House and I think the festival is really interesting.”

With his most recent record In A Time Lapse, Einaudi has drawn much critical acclaim for again, producing a record that defies musical boundaries in establishing some wonderful soundscapes. An album and wider music project that has taken him to many place and venues across the globe, the man behind it all is still quite humble about the reach his music has had and continues to have.

“It’s one of the best tours that I’ve done in my life, because I put together a group of musicians that had been working well so far! We’ve been doing more than 100 concerts through China, America through the US and Canada and we haven’t finished! So we’re coming to Australia and then next year we’re probably coming back to Australia and then we’re going back to Canada. It’s gone everywhere. We’ve just been in Russia…everywhere it’s been, the people recognise it now. Even if the travelling and the work sometimes gets stressful because you’re changing things every day, it rewards you so much in what you get back from the audience. It makes you very happy and we’re very lucky to be doing this.”


Ludovico Einaudi will perform at the Opera House's Concert Hall on October 7th. For ticketing information, head to!