the AU interview: Evil Eddie (Queensland)

Evil Eddie is headlining at Sydney's Come Together Festival this year. Meredith McLean got a chance to shoot him some questions about the upcoming tours and his latest album Welcome To Flavour Country.

Welcome to Flavour Country has been a success but there were some obstacles in the beginning, could you give some words on that?

Yeah, well it depends how far you wanna go back. Initially there were obstacles with establishing myself from scratch as a solo artist, years of writers block and being extremely critical of everything i was producing, then having material so varied in style and genre that it was near impossible to put into a cohesive album, learning how to record and mix at a professional level with an album deadline looming etc etc... I could go on and on but really, it's nothing out of the ordinary for most self governed musicians.

You also mentioned your studio flooding, what happened there?

Well, in Brisbane, it rained a whole lot early in the year and since the studio was untouched in the 2011 floods, I didn't really think it was any concern of mine. Due to the rain some friends were unable to work and I found myself in the pub with them drinking beer for a few days. After things calmed down, I went to open up the studio and I noticed that the bottom 20cm of the wooden door was wet. Perplexed, I opened the door and about 1000 litres of water just came flooding out.

It's built partially into the ground and water had just been slowly seeping in through the walls and because it is otherwise completely sealed, it just filled up with water. I had about 10 guitars, all in racks on the ground, a PA, subs for my monitors and everything electrical was plugged into power packs on the floor. I freaked, but I dried everything out and after about a week, I started to plug things back in to see what worked and what didn't and amazingly I only lost one hard drive (which was backed up) and a bunch of power packs. All guitars, even the acoustics are fine. I can't believe it.

What was the idea and whose idea was it behind the ...Flavour Country album cover? It’s so interesting with the passport and all the different headshots behind it.

I conceived and designed the album art and I wanted to make a departure from all the covers I'd done so far. All the EE singles are similar in that they have the same basic layout and are all block colour vector images so, I thought something photographic while still incorporating the same layout would be cool (i.e. Logo/Title placement). Butterfingers always had food themes running through the album and song titles, so Welcome To Flavour Country seemed an apt title for my solo joint, and... um... yada yada, I dunno how I thought of it. Just did.

I’ve noticed you utilise social media and promotion a lot yourself. What’s your opinion on acts trying to promote themselves with the tools they have as opposed to the more old-fashioned ways or bigger bands that depend on their PR?

Social media is great for me. I don't wanna get into competing for Facebook likes but the fact of the matter is, the more followers you have, the more people you can connect with directly (obviously) and when you don't have a promo budget, that connectivity is priceless so, without being completely consumed by it I do try to keep people updated with regular posts, news, vids of women falling over or whatever else I can. I'm still learning about how to utilise it best but I think you'd be crazy not to be using this kind of technology if you're trying to make it as a band or an artist.

I can only assume you’re looking forward to Come Together, what are you expectations for the show?

I am expecting to kill it. I've been touring with my live band on this album material fairly solidly since the end of 2012, so we are a well oiled machine at this point. Can't wait!

Any acts you’re looking forward to meeting or seeing?

Honestly, I've met a lot of 'stars' over the years and I don't really get starstruck these days so I don't really care who I meet. All I really care about is if the people I am meeting are down to earth, head screwed on right type of people. Other than that, I don't really give a fuck.

This is Come Together’s 10th anniversary, will there be anything special for it?

I've made a cake. Today is only the 16th, so it might be a little manky by the time I get there, but it's the thought that counts right?

It’s still a little way off though, not until June, what are your plans until then?

I've been writing a lot. Mostly new material for the next spitfireliar album but I've got solo stuff poking its head through a little as well. I'm really excited about the new EE shit too. It's definitely gonna polarise people I think. Pushing the envelope is the order of the day.

And after Come Together, more tours or perhaps new tracks coming through at all?

Yeah, well I don't know when it'll be out, but I should have a new album mostly done before the end of the year... just don't quote me on that.

Evil Eddie will be performing at the Come Together Festival on June 8 at Sydney's Luna Park.