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The Mission In Motion

Brett Islaub, vocalist from The Mission In Motion, recently talked to Jeremy Stevens about their "Control" tour, the triple j Unearthed station, and their sophomore album.

Listening to "Control", it sounds like you guys have refined your sound. However it hasn't been that long since the release of your debut Somewhere Safe - do you feel like you've grown a lot as a band over that time?

Yeah, definitely. I mean everyone says their latest record is their most mature, most important record to date, but we truly feel it. I think there were some things on Somewhere Safe we wanted to accomplish that we didn't quite get to, so I think we are writing better songs than we ever have been. In terms of growing, we are always growing as five people together, and as individuals we've had some ups and downs in the last year and a half since Somewhere Safe was released, so we have a lot of experience to draw from for this new record.

What was it like supporting acts like You Me At Six and We The Kings recently? Both are pretty big bands.

It was a great experience. I mean we have never done the big rock tour before. We have done one off shows here and there, but mostly we are out doing our own tours, so it was a great experience and I couldn't say enough nice things about both bands and the crew. We have never felt more welcome than we did on that tour and every crowd was really great. We had an amazing time.

You recently did a stripped-back cover of "Punching In A Dream" by The Naked And Famous for Like A Version - what made you choose to cover that song?

We did that in January I believe, and we were out on tour when our management told us we were going to be doing it so we started throwing around a few ideas in the van between shows. At one stage an Icehouse cover was going to be done and on another drive I had almost convinced the boys to do a cover of "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac haha. But in the end, Far [guitar/vocals] came up with a demo idea for "Punching in a Dream", and the three of us played over it a few times and decided that's what we wanted to do.

You've just announced the "Control" Tour, with Strangers supporting you across the country. They're getting some good reviews on Unearthed - are you excited about sharing the stage them?

Absolutely. They are our best friends, have been for years even before they were Strangers when they had their old band. Their singer Benny and I have been close mates for a long time and every time we are together things tend to get out of hand, so I'm looking forward to that haha! But on top of that they are a fucking great band and it's good to be out on tour with bands who push you to be better and to play better. I am stoked to get to watch those guys every night.

Speaking of which, as a band that got a lot of support through triple j, especially with your single "New Skin", what do you think of the new 24/7 Unearthed digital station?

I think it's the best idea to come out of radio in as long as I can remember. There are literally HUNDREDS of great bands that no one knows about and that deserve more attention than half of the "look good first, play well second" bands that are getting most of the attention in Australian music at the moment. Why not give bands who work their asses off and care about what they do a platform to be heard? I think its a great idea, and I think it shows that Triple J care about music, and they care about getting people to find new music.

What was it like having someone like Will Putney, who's worked with Four Year Strong and Chiodos, mix and master your work?

Will has been great. I can't say too much about him because we only work via the internet. We send him the tracks he works on them and sends them back. We make notes and send them back again, etc, until we are all happy, but he has been great to work with and he is doing a great job.

Any hints on the new album's title, or a release date?

The new album is going to be called... nah, we havent even named it yet haha. There are a few ideas floating around, Kenny told me one the other night at rehearsal that I really loved, but nothing is set in stone. In terms of release date you will hear it early next year, probably around March, but these things tend to change. But that's when we are hoping to have it out.

And lastly, can we expect a full scale tour once your sophomore album is released?

You can expect the biggest tour we have ever done. Every time we announce a tour there is always a few "Why aren't you guys playing here!?" comments, so when this album comes out we are going to make sure there is not a single comment said. We are going to go everywhere.


You can catch The Mission In Motion on the "Control" Tour very soon!

Tickets available from / 1300 762 545 / All Oztix outlets

Tickets available from / 1300 762 545 / All Oztix outlets

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Tickets available from / 1300 762 545 / All Oztix outlets

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