the AU interview at SXSW: Rangleklods talk new album 'Straightjacket' and single, "Lost You" at SXSW!

the AU review sat down with Danish electronic duo Rangleklods while they were in Austin for SXSW. The duo had just come off of four SXSW showcases and were there in advance of their upcoming second album Straightjacket, due out May 18th in Europe.

Rangleklods, made up of Esben Anderson and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, spoke about the upcoming record, saying that the process was faster and less over-produced than you might expect. "Everything that's on the album was made in the last seven months," says Anderson, "It just took a long time for us to sort of get there. But once it started happening, it really happened fast."

As well as discussing the new album, Anderson and Smith-Sivertsen also described making their new single, "Lost You" ("We really wanted to make a sad dance track"), as well as Austin versus LA.

Make sure to check out the new album from Rangleklods, Straightjacket, available from May 18th. Follow the band on Facebook here: