the AU interview at SXSW: Steve Smyth (Sydney) talks SXSW, partying, touring, Byron Bay Bluesfest and what's next

the AU review's Larry Heath caught up with Aussie musician Steve Smyth at SXSW. In this interview, Steve tells us about his SXSW experience, "I've come for the party, and to enjoy and catch up with great bands all in the one place..." Bar-hopping was also definitely on the agenda, "the drinks just keep flowing (they're very generous with their pours)... It's such a circus, it's wild."

However, it wasn't all parties and drinking, with Steve praising the musicians in America: "it was beautiful to make the record here (in the US), the element of musicianship is at a very high level." In terms of what he hoped to gain from the US and SXSW he said, "to soak up the different fusions that are happening... I always try and feel a camaraderie with musicians." As for future plans, Steve says he'll be "kicking straight back into Blues and Roots in Byron, then down to Melbourne... (and) looking forward to getting back to Europe in May".

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Steve Smyth will be performing at Byron Bay Bluesfest this Easter long weekend.

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