the AU interview: Simon Nolan of Loon Lake (Melbourne) on the 'Good Times' tour, kicking off in Adelaide tonight!

The last time I saw Loon Lake, they were tearing the Rocket Bar up in Adelaide. Bodies were sweaty. The room was smoky. The music was dope. We all ended up on the rooftop doing shots and continuing the party. Tonight, the Melbourne boys have one upped themselves and have a gig at my old stomping ground at the Adelaide Unibar, which also serves as the first date of their 'Good Times Tour'. I caught up with guitarist Simon Nolan recently and got the lowdown on the upcoming live shows and their recent festival runs for 2014.

Performing on the Big Day Out tour also, while providing a heap of fun times for Loon Lake to be immersing themselves in, gave Nolan an idea of how the big international bands approached live touring and how these kinds of live elements can be angled at Australian audiences too.

"The festival show is pretty've got less time, for a start, so you don't get to play many of the songs that aren't known. You try and play the hits, I guess you could call them. It's always a lot more high energy and you've got to be right on the money and stuff, whereas with your own show, you can plan to elaborate a little bit and change the structure of the songs, I guess, which we plan to do. We watched a lot of big bands on that [Big Day Out] tour, bands like Grouplove for example - I personally didn't follow them before I saw them and their live show was really well thought out. I think you learn from watching those kinds of international bands; they were really, really good fun live. They were really nice people too. That was just one example. Then at night, you had Pearl Jam, who were just on another level. How professional they are...!"

The venues which Loon Lake will be taking to on the 'Good Times Tour' will be some of the largest they've headlined - testament to how well the band and their debut album has been received for sure. On the last Adelaide show they played, Nolan admits his love for the smaller, more intimate venues and the chaos they have the penchant for creating.

"Obviously the venue there was quite small compared to what we're playing this time, but I like those kind of shows, I fully prefer those, where you're in tight. The sound system's probably not as good, but the atmosphere and the energy is always good and they love it over there in Adelaide! With this show, the dynamics will have obviously changed, I think. There'll still be lots of high energy."

Having consistently made ground as one of the country's favourite live acts over the past few years, it's no surprise that Loon Lake have already had a promising start to 2014, with a run with the Big Day Out safely in the bag and the Groovin' The Moo tour set to take off shortly after their headline tour wraps up in April. Nolan's optimistic about the headline run of shows coming up, as it's given the band the opportunity to delve further into the Gloamer record which they've been preparing for live execution recently.

"We've been putting heaps into getting the shows ready and we're looking forward to it. We've been playing the festivals over the summer and we're looking playing our own shows again and playing some songs off the album."

"With this tour, we'll be playing songs like "Bones", I hope, which are totally different. It's got really strong and different instrumentation and not just full of pop. I really like those songs a lot, so for us, it's interesting. I know they're not the most well known and probably our fans won't expect them as much, but as you say, it shows another side of the band, which I want to do. I think that as a band, we're really keen to play those, but you've got to see how they go. There was a song that we played on the last tour off the album that we thought would be good, but it just didn't work. You get a pretty good sense from the audience of what's working and what's not working. We'll be definitely delving into the Gloamer songs more."



Friday, 28th March 2014
UniBar, Adelaide (All Ages)*

Saturday, 29th March 2014
Republic Bar, Hobart*

Thursday, 3rd April 2014
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Friday, 4th April 2014
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Saturday, 5th April 2014
The Zoo, Brisbane