the AU interview: Angus Leslie of Sex On Toast (Melbourne)

Sex On Toast are on the brink of releasing their single 'Takin' Over' in July. Angus Leslie talks to us about their rump-shakin' sound, their forthcoming debut album and about their pact to never, ever play a bad show.

What are you most excited about with this album?

I can only speak for myself when I say that I am excited to present a colourful record with detailed arrangements, evocative songwriting and a few rump shakers that the listener might even wanna put on whilst watching WWF wrestling and having a laborious sexual encounter!
I'll also be very happy to finally have a record out, because this has been a long time coming...

Your live shows are super energetic, and even outrageous at times. Do you think you've been able to translate that same vibe to your record?

No, our record will sound like fourteen hours in a dentist's waiting room, weeping in pain with a swollen cavity.
But seriously, I think so but maybe I don't know because I made it? You tell us when it's finished!

We once recorded a whole album but scrapped it because we didn't like "the vibe". We like this album a lot more.

You've been doing the rounds at all the local Melbourne venues for a while now, yet things have seemed to pick up dramatically for you this year. Can you explain what the past twelve months has entailed for you?

Well, I would say Sex on Toast is fairly relentless. I think there's a certain amount of delusional ambitiousness that I have that has made me continue to push this thing against all odds.

The crowds kept expanding I suppose because Sex on Toast refuses to play a bad show. That's kind of one of our policies as a band, and people are going to respond to that eventually.

Two things that really helped us in the last year were our residency at the Evelyn in September, which saw us sell out the final two shows, and of course our support slot at our bosom buddies Hiatus Kaiyote's show at the Hi-Fi bar which saw us bust a move in front of around 600 people!

Also the inclusion of Bovril Harrison on trumpet and high vocals didn't hurt...

You've played with the likes of the Vaudeville Smash, Barons of Tang and Hiatus Kayote. Can you explain what it's been like performing alongside such musicians?

I would say that it's been great. I've always wanted to have a bath with Dan from Vaudeville Smash and wash his back with a handful of steel wool. We've talked about that on various occasions but no real plans yet... I have been friends with the Barons for years and they used to call me up on tour drunk sometimes and babble unintelligibly. Thanks guys.

What many people don't know about Hiatus Kaiyote is that they are all mountain gorillas in disguise. If you spend too much time in their dressing room they will remove their skin and force -feed you bananas. You will die.

Can you tell us about the process of making the video for 'Takin' Over'?

Yes, we worked with a man called Peter Savieri who I feel is a bit of a genius (and I don't like throwing that word around!) with a truly strong visual and conceptual mind.

He also made me act and I'll never forgive him for that...
I could tell you more about it but that would ruin the surprise!

What can we expect to see at your single launch? More of your signature on-stage exuberance and funky antics?

Expect a ridiculous show with terrific supports, like the Do Yo Thangs, who are an eccentric neo-soul band run by a brilliant drummer and composer named Hugh Rabinovici. All I will say without, again ruining the surprise is it's not going be like any show you've ever been to and that life's a party, baby, hahaha!

Are you planning to take your show on the road nationally any time soon?

There have been talks of travelling somewhere in the East Cost in September but no concrete plans yet. We'll get there when we get there! Our drummer and producer Gareth is especially fond of Sydney (he even has a tattoo of the word Sydney on his face!) so we hope to get there soon and convert some of the Australian hedonists that live there to the Islamic faith.


You can catch Sex On Toast at the launch of their new single "Takin' Over" at the Northcote Social Club on July 19th.