the AU interview: Oliver Tank (Sydney) on his new EP and upcoming tour dates!

Sydney's Oliver Tank wrapped up 2013 with a slew of shows and the release of his anticipated second EP, Slow Motion Music. I had a quick chat with him before the weekend to find out how he's looking forward to taking his new material out on the road for the first time in February and March.

"I’m excited, because I haven’t done my own shows in a long time." he says. "It’s going to be interesting; I’m playing some bigger rooms. I’ll definitely be nervous beforehand, but I’m confident that they’ll be good shows. I’m working on the live shows to make it better every time and I’ve got a few little surprises here and there so it’s going to be good!"

On his appearances at Falls Festival and Meredith last year, Tank agrees that it was a good platform for him to see what worked with rolling out the Slow Motion Music stuff out onto larger stages, in front of broader audiences.

"That was kind of the plan, it’s a good opportunity to get me in front of a lot of people and I hadn’t really done so many festival shows in the past. I was pretty nervous for the first couple, but I think those ones were received well; I’ve got a few more tracks to play now, so I can do some more upbeat stuff.
I found it a bit difficult at points, just because when I was making Dreams, I’d only really made a couple of tracks and put them on SoundCloud."

His debut EP Dreams resonating well with the triple j demographic and more live audiences around the country, Tank's musically experimental nature and its place in the recording process of the follow up record became as much of a challenge as it was an advantage.

"I was just experimenting, because I’d only just been learning how to produce and then triple J played one of them and then everyone was wanting to know when the EP was coming out. I didn’t really have an EP plan! I kind of used it as a bit of momentum and to be like, 'Alright let’s put something together'; when I was working on Dreams, I just did it. I didn’t really think about it. I didn’t really feel like I had much of an identity as an artist; I had six or seven tracks, but I didn’t really know or wasn’t really sure of the sound I was going for. Those tracks just came together for me, so I had a bit of trouble for the second EP because I was like, 'What do I want to sound like and where do I want to go with this?'."

"I think everyone struggles with that stuff and there was a bit of trouble for me, but I finally got over it. I feel like I’ve gotten a bit more of an identity now and when I go forward, I’m just trying to become a better producer, song writer and musician. Just making it better every time. I was very nervous about what everyone was going to think about it, because Dreams just came out of nowhere and everyone liked it and I was shocked! I mean, I liked it as well, but I guess, when people are getting in to your music that you don’t know, it feels so weird. They love it and I don’t know the people! [Laughs] It’s really rewarding to see as well, so I wanted to give people that same thing again, when they listen to my music they can be like, 'Oh this is really special'. It can help them in some way or another. That’s what I try to go for, with whatever music that I write."

Recently announced as supports for Tank's upcoming run of headline shows are some great talent in the likes of Oscar Key Sung, Bree Tranter, Kücka and Slow Magic. On the way the Australian industry is heading in terms of young artists having more and more opportunities to play around with genre and really shed light on some interesting music, Tank thinks it's a good time for more musicians to be jumping aboard this wave.

"It’s like, really popular at the moment, in a really good way. I think it’s given a lot of people an opportunity…you can have success in Australia making this sort of music. There is a lot of people doing it and it’s great, everyone should do it because it’s so accessible. It’s not easy to do, everyone has the potential to do it, I believe."

For Tank himself, 2014 is going to be about focusing on making his debut album and pushing himself further than before in developing his skills as producer and musician in general. What's coming up for him that he can tell us about?

"I’m working on new stuff at the moment," he reveals. "I think that after this tour is done, I’m just going to lock in and try and finish an album. I don’t really know when I’m going to have it because I’ve hardly started, who knows how long it’s going to take, but I’m really wanting to be locked in and focused like never before. I don’t really have anything planned for the middle of the year, but I would like to head over to the States maybe towards the end of the year and play some shows, but we’ll see how everything goes."


Oliver Tank will be taking the Slow Motion Music EP to the following venues on the dates below!

Saturday, February 8 | The Zoo, Brisbane
w/ Oscar Key Sung & Bree Tranter
Tickets:, 1300 762 545 or Oztix Outlets

Saturday, February 15 | The Metro Theatre, Sydney
w/ Oscar Key Sung & Bree Tranter
Tickets:, 02 9550 3666, or from the venue box office

Thursday, February 20, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Oscar Key Sung & Bree Tranter
Tickets:, 03 9427 9198 or from the venue box office

Friday, February 28 | The Bakery, Perth
w/ Oscar Key Sung & Kücka

Saturday, March 1 | Arcade Lane, Adelaide
w/ Slow Magic, Oisimi & Oscar Key Sung