the AU Interview: Nick Allbrook of Pond (Perth) talks pop music, festivals and being lazy.

The AU’s Aidan Hogg talks to Nick Allbrook of Pond, ex-Tame Impala, Allbrook/Avery and a solo project about pop music, festivals and being lazy - ahead of the release of the band's latest album Man, It Feels like Space Again, and their appearances as part of Laneway Festival!

Hey Nick, how are you?

I’m great.

You’ve made your new video for the single “Zond” with Johnny Mackay of Children Collide and Fascinator, are there any plans to collaborate with him again in videos or even music?

No plans… but I’m not adverse to the idea at all, I think he’s fucking hilarious.

Pond are known for being constantly writing and recording, are there any plans for the next album already?

Yeah! We’ve made a couple of vague ideas. We’re all writing stuff all the time, it’s sort of a knee-jerk reaction, like waking up… We’re thinking about ideas of how we’ll do other stuff… getting out of the pop retard-ness we’ve sort of dug ourselves into.

You said when you put out your third album Frond that it had the most pop influence, so that’s definitely something you want to lean away from in future releases?

I don’t mind! I love pop. That’s what resonates with the human frequency, what little frequency we have to work with, pop music seems to be evolving in a Darwinian way, like specialised towards the right major and minor chords. That subject matter about love and inspiration, pop is human. But I don’t know, we’ve kinda walked up the same corridor for a long time, if you get to the end you may as well turn around. Or kick in the door.

Cam Avery recently spoke to me about the new Allbrook/Avery album recorded with The Horrors, and said it was currently in post production. Is it still being mixed or has it been filed away for now?

God damn it Cam. Give me that album, I wanna hear it. I don’t know where it is. It was really good though!

Another band of yours Mink Mussel Creek just re-issued their only album on vinyl, is there any chance of you reforming and playing gigs again?

Well we never really deformed, so we can’t really reform. Oh yeah we’ll play gigs, that’ll be hilarious. It’s super fun playing in that band.

You also recently put out a solo album, how does recording that compare to recording with Pond?

It’s actually pretty much the same. It’s still a revolving carousel of buddies coming in, or just me doing shit by myself. Jay (Watson of Tame Impala) wasn’t there. Joe (of Pond and Shiny Joe Ryan) wasn’t there, that was the big difference!

How do you decide to which band or project a certain song will go?

They just find their way.

Between touring Pond and solo stuff, do you find a lot of time to take a break from music a lot?

Man! Yes! Fucking yes, I feel like I’m a lazy bastard. Yeah, I don’t know how I get anything done.

Pond have been around for like, 7 years, and have released 6 albums. Plus Tame Impala and all those other bands, you guys come across as some of the most hardworking people in the music industry!

That’s nice! Today I could even get myself dressed so I had someone put me in a onesie and I’ve been lying around like a big sloth so I don’t know how that happened.

Are there many bands you’re keen to check out on the upcoming Laneway festival tour?

Fuck yeah! There’s some sweet bands playing at Laneway, Connan Mockasin. Man that is so awesome.

He’s a genius!

I’ve wanted to see that live for so long. Mac DeMarco too. There’s a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember. I got to see Earl Sweatshirt last time.

Between various bands you’ve been to heaps of Laneway’s over the years haven’t you?

Yeah! I don’t know, I’ve got no plans to ever not do Laneway, because it’s the most fun festival you can do. They’ve always got sweet bands, last year Earl Sweatshirt and King Krule, that King Krule support we did. And this year I get to see other sweet bands and I get to do Ariel Pink’s support. It’s like Christmas for me, Laneway time.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to make a living in the music industry?

I wish I did. Don’t do whatever I did.

So no onesie sloth days?

(laughs) Nah…. I don’t know. It’s all a big practical joke.

You guys have been playing heaps of festivals recently, is that logistical decision or is it something you love about festivals that brings you back?

I do love playing festivals, because people are there for the festival, not really for you, most of the time. They’re there to drink a pint of MDMA and fall over and vomit on themselves, not to be critical, whether Nick did that lead line in the middle of the song properly, or whether Nick’s talking too much and sounding like a fuck head in the interview again… We’re just there to have a great time.


POND’s new album Man, It Feels like Space Again is out January 23rd in Australia. POND are playing the Laneway Festival tour and sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne. All details at: