the AU interview: Monique Brumby (Melbourne) on touring and the effect of "Silent War"!

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Monique Brumby is currently touring her new record, her fifth. The self-titled effort, which features the great "Silent War" track, does more than just give the listener a great excuse to escape and go on a music journey, but it reasserts Brumby's talents as a musician and lyricist. She tells us about how the album has been to bring to life, what "Silent War" means to her and more!

How has the last few tour dates treated you? I know you performed at MONA in Hobart, which is somewhere I've always wanted to go and experience. What was that like?

MONA was incredible! I ended up singing in what looked like a bat cave, massive high sandstone walls and to a very appreciative audience. At one stage, I was riding a pinball machine through the crowd, at another, I was singing completely unplugged because the acoustics were so amazing. To my surprise, David Walsh appeared and took in some of the show so it was a very exciting gig.

How has "Silent War" been to interpret live? What has been a highlight of preparing this record for live performance?

The song is challenging to perform live, as it's very high in my range and really energetic, so we just worked hard as a band to capture the celebratory nature of the song. The highlight of preparing it has been arranging the guitars so that they drive the song in the right way.

It's quite a candid record - now that it's been completed, have you been able to look at it as its own entity, or do you feel you're still quite attached to it?

Thank you - it is a very open and honest record, with a lot of the lyrics being autobiographical. I do feel attached to it this album. I had a strong vision for the way I wanted it to sound, with the fusion of electro and synth elements combining with traditional rock instrumentation of bass, drums and guitars. Having worked on it for three years, I feel really proud to put it out there.

You recorded it in Melbourne with Nick Larkins - how would you describe the creative dynamic between the two of you?

Nick and I have a very close working relationship. We are very complimentary in our skill sets, so when Nick was playing guitars, I was engineering. When I was doing vocals and guitar, he would engineer. We trust one another's opinion and bring the best out in one another, so I was really great experience working with Nick and it's wonderful that he is also playing in my live band.

You're going to be on the road through into August - what does the final months of the year hold for you? Can you tell us a bit about what you've got planned?

I am heading to America in September for a holiday, but also will catch up with some music colleagues there. I'm also running a music program Aardvark Worldwide for young people with chronic illness, this runs from July through to December, so I will be very busy.

"Silent War" has been received rather warmly! In comparison to the rest of the album's material, what would you say it is about this song in particular that has resonated as well with people as it has?

I think people feel very much like I do in that they want equality for minority groups in Australia. Of course, being a single, we have focused a promotion on putting this song out there, but it has resonated with people which is really exciting.

If there is one element or thing you'd love your crowds to come away from your shows with, what would it be?

I'd like people to come away from my shows feeling uplifted and inspired to be bold and brave in the way they live their lives.



Sat 28 June | Wheatsheaf, Adelaide

Sat 12 July | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Sat 19 July | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne | 8.30pm

Sun 20 July | Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs | 4pm

Fri 25 July | Sound Lounge, Gold Coast | 7.30pm

Sat 26 July | The treehouse Belongil, Byron Bay

Sun 27 July | Dowse Bar, Brisbane

Sat 2 Aug | Brisbane Hotel, Hobart | 9pm

Sat 16 Aug | Flying Saucer Club, Elsternwick