the AU interview at the Falls Festival 2014: Joey Bada$$ (New York) on bringing in the New Year in Australia.

Photo: David Daub

While recent events may have landed New York rapper Joey Bada$$ in the loving arms of the Australian police, there is no denying that for the Australian crowds who have been able to see him perform, the 19 year old slayed. Returning to the country for the Falls Festival as well as some select headline shows with Run the Jewels, the co-founder of the Pro Era Collective took some time out in the last hours of 2014 to let us know how he's feeling about this tour and where he's been able to take his music thus far.

"There's never really any pressure," he says of the hype currently surrounding his music and ethic as a performer. "This is my sole purpose, at least I feel so, you know? It's what my heart wants to do, so there's never any pressure with that. It's just following my heart and listening to it, what feels right in what I should do."

On coming back to Australia and following up what was an impressive impact made during his previous visit, Joey looked forward to engaging in the lively Australian show atmospheres he had been introduced to on the last tour.

"This is my first time doing festivals in Australia, but I was out here last year and the energy was amazing and I wouldn't expect anything less time around."

Watch the full clip below and get keen for his upcoming shows in Sydney and Melbourne!


January 7th - The HiFi, Sydney |
January 8th - The Forum, Melbourne |