the AU interview: Iggy Azalea (Mullumbimby via Los Angeles)

This morning I was lucky enough to get some phone time, with the fierce as hell Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Besides being a total babe this girl is on the rise, we chatted about the ball breaking fashion industry, Movement festival, touring and standing out in the rap game.

Hey Iggy, thanks for your time today

No, thank you for talking to me.

So you’re heading back to Australia for movement festival, firstly are you excited to be coming back home?

Yes I just said earlier, I’m excited but I’m anxious because I don’t know what to expect *laughs* you know I’m born and I’m from Australia, its different because here in America I’ve seen the growth and to me although it is my home, it feels like any other country.
It’s like you’re going to Denmark and it’s like fuck does anyone in Demark know who I am? I just never know till I get there, same with Australia, but its my home and I hope they do. You always want to be accepted from a place that you’re from, so I’m a little scared and excited.

I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.

I’m sure it will be fine.

You were added to the bill after Angel Haze pulled out, so what can we expect from your set and the whole vibe of Movement festival?

I don’t know, I think I’m a bit of a misfit in the line-up *laughs* but it makes sense to me that I’m apart of it because I’ve just been in Europe with Nas and 2chains, so for me it’s kind of just a continuation of that tour which is so much fun for me.
Nas said to 2chains, and I, we where all talking and he said this is hip-hop in all its different shapes and sizes and different forms and it’s a really well balanced thing.
Nas is like the legend and the seriousness of it, 2chains is southern and playful and my set is really energetic and high energy, I want to vomit and die after it *laughs its completely energetic and I have dancers and there doing the splits and booty shaken, then I’m grazing my knees in my fuckin fishnets.
It’s just a high energy show, where 20 minutes later you’re like WTF is that then its gone, my job is really just to keep everyone awake so that’s what I do.

I was going to mention you being on tour with Nas, how has that been any crazy antics?

Nothing too crazy, the last night of tour, everyone staff and stuff got together and we went out to a restaurant and played Charades, that was about as crazy as it really got.
It was pretty funny I got ‘pregnancy test’ so that was interesting *laughs* sucked acting that one out, but it was really cool I new everyone that was on the tour like Green Lantern and 2chanins and stuff I had already met and friends with, I was sad to see it end, but now we get to go to Australia and do it all over again.
I have a lot of fun with those boys their so sweet.

With your success only growing, what helps you keep grounded with endless shows and touring?

I just try and make as much time as I can for regular, normal, mundane things like yesterday I painted my friends house white again *laughs*, just make sure you always do normal things.
My dad always says ‘don’t make it to the point where you have to schedule in days to live your life’ you need to be able to do both, I never want to be blossoming in one area of my life, then completely stagnate in another, that really freaks me out. In order to grow as a person and not just in your career you have to just have those days where you do nothing or regular things, hang out with your friends just make time to do nothing, that’s how I stay normal.

You’ve just dropped your new single ‘work’ with a sweet film clip, and outfits to die for, what was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you, it was a mash-up of things from movies and visual things that I love, I was really inspired by ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ it’s one of my favorite movies of all time, I wanted to come back to Australia and do it, but I couldn’t coz its so many damn travel days to get there and back, and I didn’t have time so I was like I cant go back to Australia then so I cant do a literal representational visual of the song so let me do something comical at least still an ode to Australia.
I loved the movie ‘Pricilla Queen of the Desert’ and the thing I loved about it was it was these guys who are drag queens, and they didn’t fit in, they didn’t feel like they fit in and they where trying to get somewhere, And the place they where trying to get, they had to go to all these small towns where they were laughed at and got into trouble to get where they wanted to be.

And that always struck a chord with me, because I always feel like I’m trying to go somewhere and I’ve had to stop off at a lot of places and get ridiculed and laughed at and feel like shit, and I thought this is sort of parallel to my journey.
I want to take parts of the movie, like the car scene, I couldn’t get a big silver bus with the big high heel because it wouldn’t of made sense for me, but I love when they have the big piece of silver fabric hanging from the high heel on top of the bus and I was like I want fabric and I want to be on a car in the desert things like that.

The swings on fire, when the bus is on the side of the road and they meet these aboriginal people and have a big bomb fire and perform.

I actually wanted to wear a showgirl outfit but they told me that it was too, quote on quote ‘vaginery’ *laughs* and I probably would of caught on fire anyway, just different things like that.

I also really liked ‘fear and loathing in Las Vegas’ when their in the convertible in the scene with the washed colours, I took some of that.
I love Quentin Tarantino movies, I love Death Proof so I remade the lap-dancing, just a big mash-up it was just inspired by great moments in film and music videos that I loved and I identified for whatever reason mashed together to tell this story.

A lot of people where like ‘where you a stripper or something?’ and no, its just saying its somebody that comes from nothing, and they do a lot of bullshit things and they get where they want to go, which in my case was Hollywood and I have the walk of fame and the stars, just trying to be metaphoric of that, not saying I’m a star now, that’s why I didn’t want a big lavish thing, but just saying I got to the walk of fame, I’m not on the walk of fame, I’m at the destination, the starting point, to start the race, that’s what I was trying to say.

The New Classic is going to be released later this year, have you been testing any of the new material at gigs?

I’m always tempted to do new material, if I could I would, but they would fucking kill me.

So you’re not allowed to?

They wont even send me my own songs, because they know it will end up on Ustream or something ‘hey guys what you think of this?’ *laughs* I cant help myself.
I want to hopefully, I’m not too sure, but I think that my second single ‘Bounce’ will be out by the time I’m in Australia, so I’m hoping I can add that onto my set.
I’m really excited to perform ‘work’ because I haven’t really got to perform it since the film clip came out, so I’m excited to get up on stage and do that one its still new to me.

You are also signed to Wilhelmina Models, how do you keep a balance with modeling and music?

Say no to most of the modeling stuff, I don’t think I do keep a balance I think modeling is completely neglected *laughs* music is well nourished.
I kind of try to stay away unless its fashion week, and that’s the time I’ll make sure I’m not on the road and stuff, otherwise its too much, and you do need to make a choice and my choice is music.
I do things for modeling that are musical that people don’t realize, recently I was in Paris and they just opened the MAC flagship store and MAC invited me out to do that and were working on things together building our relationship and hopefully we will have a manifestation of a possible Makeup line hopefully in the future.
There are defiantly things that I do that get washed in the middle, but its defiantly more music.

I don’t think I’m the best model to be honest with you, I’m too big I cant get my ass in any of the fucking pants, I cant walk probably, if I ditched music and something happened I’d kill myself, there is too may fresh faces in modeling and I’m not one of them.

It’s a hard industry, I give you props.

Yeah its really disheartening to be honest with you, I love getting to get dressed up and being a different character and do that kind of thing, but they honesty can be really fucking horrible, when I was in Paris we went to this show room and they wanted to pull this certain brand for me to wear, and I didn’t even want to wear that fucking brand.
We went to get it and the lady was like ‘we’ll we don’t know if Iggy Azalea can wear this because she is a plus size’ I’m a plus size girl? Ok..I’m a fucking size 2, that’s not plus size that regular size if not on the skinny size.
I find it extremely fucked up, I find it extremely fucked up to go to fashion week and the girls thighs are the same size as their shin bones it’s really creepy.
I love the fashion industry, I love the Italian designers like Roberto Cavalli, I love the prints I think its awesome, but I think there is an underlying thing with it all where its so fucked up with this body image thing, and I cant get into it all the way because its impossible for me to ignore, its gross to me and I don’t want to get stuck into it.

What advice would you give to aspiring woman in rap?

I would say first and foremost know who you are and what your message is, and when everybody tells you that’s not the best message to have, do not listen to them, listen to yourself.

And secondly I think sometimes with woman and I have done this in the past too, I think we get so caught up with wanting to be one of the boys and be as good as the boys, we start to get really aggressive in our lyrics and our delivery.
Don’t underestimate the fact that woman run music, woman are the number 1 buyers of music, so don’t get to caught up and too aggressive in wanting to be one of the boys, don’t forget that your one of the girls, don’t forget to make music for the girls too.

Thanks so much for that Iggy, it was a pleasure talking to you.

Awesome, yeah you too.


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