the AU interview: Holiday Sidewinder (Sydney/London) talks relocating, working with PBO and more.

Not long after the disbandment of popular Sydney band Bridezilla in 2013, the band's vocalist and founding member Holiday Sidewinder packed up and moved to the UK. For those fans of hers who've been wondering what she's been up to since relocating to London, fear not, that voice of hers has emerged on "Born on the Wind", her new single with PBO. Holiday took some time out to update us on how everything has been travelling, the new single and what she's missing about home.

I love that you've got new material coming out - Bridezilla remains one of my fave Australian bands. Gushing aside, how do you think "Born on the Wind" ranks in terms of the music you've written in recent times?

Blushing! Basically, I feel incredibly liberated to be able to delve into any scenes or sounds I should please and thoroughly enjoyed writing with my uncle (PBO member) for a bit of fun over summer. The lyrics came like lightning, and have nostalgic significance within the family as you may have read in the press release, so I hold it dear to me.

How has the relocation to London changed or affected your approach to music, if it has any?

It's entirely different. I co-write on blind dates like a cog in the wheel of pop without any sonic limitations. Sounds unromantic perhaps, but personally I find the challenge thrilling. The grey miserable weather forces you indoors and creates a yearning to colour and warm your life through culture and imagination. Its a brilliant breeding ground for ideas. So much history and so much happening to inspire.

Did you plunge yourself straight into working on new material once you had moved or did you take some time just to settle and explore?

I wrote and recorded three songs in my first week, decided not to get on my flight home, and haven't stopped since! I've explored like a madwoman though, dalliances in France, Rome and Berlin. Caught Soho-itis and didn't sleep for about a year, lost in the late night jazz clubs and buzzing on endless shots of coffee.

You were approached by PBO - were you aware of them prior to working with them on this track?

It's basically a writing/production team that my uncle started. He's a great disco guitarist! I loved his band Swoop growing up. It was a very casual collaboration, lazy Sunday kind of thing that just turned out to be really great. I've always wanted to release a track like this.

Now that the single is released, can you tell me a bit about what you are working on at the moment? What's happening in the Sidewinder camp?

I've been working with a lot of brilliant writers, but I've made an especially wonderful friend and collaborator in the legendary Mike Chapman. He's a genius and we truly are two peas in a pod. We are wired with the same principles, ideals and visions of musical grandeur. There are hundreds of songs I have written over the years that never made it to Bridezilla's repetoire, and dozens over the past three years. There is an album written, conceptualised. Romantic, epic, and musical as always. I'm dying to finish, release and tour it.

Can you see yourself coming home for some shows in the near future? What do you miss about Sydney?

If any promoters want me to come, I will be there in the blink of an eye. Sydney is heavenly. The ocean, the birds, the produce, the harbour, the bush, the sun, the air...
I really miss my little gang of legends at Goodgod Small Club, Yo Grito!, Freda's, Route 66 and all the Slurry Hillbillies. There is a monumental record collection between those four! I miss dirty dark pub rock, actually.

There are heaps of talented musical folk coming out of London at the moment; what are you enjoying the most, as a creative, being based in that city?

Seeing your peers start small and the following year, being Number 1 all over the world. Anything is possible here, and there is room for everyone to exist legitimately in the industry, from skiffle bands to pan-pipe players, Afro-Caribbean dancehall, to classical. Everything is appreciated and supported and that is comforting and encouraging.

Have you found any artists who you'd recommend us looking up over there?

FKA Twigs (I think you've cottoned on already to that). James Newman (John Newman's brother, wrote "Waiting All Night" by Rudimental) is with the same management as me and his voice is golden I can't wait for the world to hear him. MNEK, I really like too. This is all serious pop music though, if that's not your thing. I sit on both sides of the fence. There a bunch of strange south american french bands I enjoy too, and a Jazz collective called Kansas Smitty's. I have eclectic taste. Can't handle scene bands and boys in skinny jeans anymore. Did enough of that as a teenager on the gig circuit.

How will you be spending the end of 2014? In the studio or jetsetting some more?

Planning to indulge in everything. I want to perform again, travel forever, sing better, dance more, and love extravagantly.


"Born on the Wind" by Holiday Sidewinder & PBO is out now via Personal Best/MGM.