the AU interview: Frank Turner (UK) talks Bluesfest, SXSW, Publishing a Best Selling Book and his sixth album

The AU review's Johnny Au chats to folk rocker Frank Turner about Bluesfest, SXSW, authoring a bestselling book and his sixth album. Despite having suffered from severe jetlag throughout, Frank said of Bluesfest, "Bluesfest was a blast... It's a fantastic festival to be a part of," but for his experience of SXSW he said: "I love Austin, Texas - it's one of my favourite towns in the world... But at the risk of sounding like a total hipster, I prefer Austin when it's not SXSW because I love Texas and during SX it's full of people who aren't from Texas..."

Having recently authored a bestselling memoir-style book The Road Beneath My Feet, we were eager to know more. Frank told us a little about it: "it's about my time on the road, it acquires a memoir shape, it's a book about touring, a book about growing up on the road... I wanted it to be among other things... a book for someone like a kid who's into bands who can read this book and learn what they're getting themselves into."

When asked about his sixth album, he was enthusiastic: "I can't wait for people to hear this record. I feel like it's had a difficult birth but will hopefully have an easy life... It pisses all over everything else I've done..." You can check out the interview in full below.

Frank Turner’s sixth LP is due out later this year.

You can visit his website here: