the AU interview: Dylan Joel (VIC) talks about his new album ‘Authentic Lemonade’, charity work and more!

On the brink of releasing his new album, we caught up with Dylan Joel to discuss the concept behind Authentic Lemonade (out now), and his collaborative experiences with fellow rappers Mantra and DJ Izm.

Dylan chatted to us about how he came up with the name for the record, “The title came after I’d finished writing the record,” he says. I realised there was a theme that went throughout the record that I guess was based around the idea of being yourself, being genuine… How often do you find authentic lemonade these days? It’s just mass produced, stocked, bottled lemonade. So that’s kind of where it ended up coming from.” The album fits together organically, although Dylan admits that he didn’t plan out the record, letting it come together on its own. “What channelled [the album]… I made a playlist of almost every song I’ve ever loved since I can remember… and why was it that I loved those? I tried to strip those back and figure it out. I used those elements to create the album,” he says.

The artist has done great things with his music, particularly the track ‘What’s Good’, which developed into a fundraising video clip for the Australian Himalayan Foundation. After realising the potential for the song, Dylan began to look at options for the music video. “I reached out to some networks and decided we could do a fundraiser for a really cool charitable cause…” Dylan explains. “We teamed up with an organisation called the Australian Himalayan Foundation, and they work based in Nepal and Sydney. All the money and the proceeds went directly to the Earthquake Relief.”

With this album, Dylan wanted to strike out on his own and make a statement. “I want to prove to people that I’m not just a rapper,” he says. “I want to prove that I can do my own choruses, that I can play the musical elements. I want to do this album on my own.”

With the rapper just completing a mammoth run of 48 shows as part of Seth Sentry’s Strange New Past album tour, there’s still plenty more to come for the year, with a headliner tour taking place throughout October in support of his new album. Dylan is positive about his future, drawing on his experiences touring small venues throughout Australia. “I’d prefer to play to five people, and it mean the world to them than play to 1000 that are just there because they’ve heard of your song,” he says.

Check out the full interview below:


October 15 | Black Bear Lodge | Brisbane, Australia
October 21 | Transit Bar | Canberra, Australia
October 23 | Goodgod Small Club | Sydney, Australia
October 24 | Rad Bar | Wollongong, Australia
October 30 | Workers Club, Geelong | Geelong, Australia

Authentic Lemonade is out now! For more information and how to purchase tickets to his upcoming tour, check him out on Facebook: