the AU interview: Delta Rae (North Carolina) on their latest album, the tensions of touring, and their new live show

the AU review recently invited American Folk-Rock band, Delta Rae for an interview, which, with six members in the group, was never at a want for varying opinions. The band discussed the difficulties of choosing the right songs for their freshly released album, After It All, “There were some [songs] where I was like, ‘That’s really not going to make it?!’” and described the latest progression of their live show: “We’ve brought on a string player and a lighting director so that’s really enhanced the whole show for us. It has lent a level of excitement and newness to our own experience on stage... there’s some stuff that feels really well worn and some that’s risky and kind of new.”

Next the six-piece described the best and worst parts of being on the road, “The best thing is playing music every night and... performing with five of the best musicians I know” and revealed some inevitable tension amongst the members: “The worst part is the arguing... being in a van feels like you chose to get married with five other people.” Be sure to catch the full interview below!

After It All is available now. Click HERE to watch the first part of this interview!