the AU interview: Delta Rae (North Carolina) talk new album "After It All", Byron Bay Bluesfest and loyal fans

Americana band Delta Rae from North Carolina stopped by the AU review head office for a chat about their expectations for Byron Bay Bluesfest, their new album After It All and their loyal fans. When asked about their first impressions of Sydney, the group replied: "We don't want to leave... that's going to be tough. So far so great. It's a beautiful city, it's huge and everyone here has been so nice to us. We're feeling very welcomed."

With the iconic Byron Bay Bluesfest just around the corner for the group, they expressed their excitement: "We've heard that Byron is like a mini paradise... Pretty stoked to see some of the Australian acts... Going to festivals has been really good for our music discovery". They were also happy to talk about their new album and the creating process behind it: "This album we really wanted to take a bit more time with. What we ended up with was something that was both crafted and also the result of what we ended up feeling most passionate about... We just wanted the best songs to live in a collection."

When prompted about early feedback for the album, the group said: We have such wonderful fans who follow and stay clued-in... People were really hungry for it and we were eager to release it..." Check out the full interview below!

After It All is available now. Click HERE to watch the second part of this interview!