the AU interview: Cosmo's Midnight (Sydney)

Cosmo's Midnight are Cosmo and Patrick Liney, twin brothers from Sydney who make pretty dang good electronic music together. Ahead of their first festival gig at OutsideIn Festival, we had a chat to the twins about their music, their live show, and making music with your twin bro.

Have you two always made music together?

Yep, from day one we collaborated on our stuff, at times it’s a little one sided as to who does the brunt of the work but it’s always a joint effort.

Do you think being twins makes your producing partnership as Cosmos Midnight easier or more difficult?

We seem to get this question a lot, but I’d definitely say it makes things easier. When you are working with someone you don’t know you often feel the need to be nice and say something sounds good when you really think it’s terrible. Being twins, we know each other so well that we don’t have to tiptoe around. If one of us thinks something’s crap we’ll let the other know.

Are there new music releases on the horizon for Cosmos Midnight?

Plenty of stuff coming out. Next month we’ve got our single ‘Dofflin’ coming out which will have some remixes from some great acts. We’re also going to put out some remixes of our own of some sick aussie acts that we enjoy. As well as another EP and hopefully second single for the upcoming summer festival season.

How does a track start for you?

We start making tracks differently every time. Whenever inspiration strikes really and it can be anything from a chord to a beat or a sample although lately songs we make come about because of a song we hear that gets us excited to make something equally good.

You just finished your first national tour, how did it go?

It went really well, you’re always a bit dubious as to how well it will go but we were pleasantly surprised. Our hometown Sydney had the best crowd but it was interesting to see how the different cities reacted to and enjoyed our music.

You’re playing OutsideIn later in the year, is it your first festival set?

This will be our first festival set and needless to say we’re pretty geed, especially to be alongside a massive collection of sick acts like Zomby and Jam City, it’s quite overwhelming really.

What are you looking forward to at the festival?

Seeing all the other acts play and hopefully getting to meet and chill with a few of them, as well of course playing our set, can’t wait to play all this new material!

And what’s your favourite track to play live?

Our upcoming track “Dofflin” is pretty fun to play, people seem to recognize it and love the Aaliyahsample, I don’t know it kind of changes between sets.


Cosmo's Midnight will be playing as part of the OutsideIn Festival in Sydney. The event takes place at the Factory Theatre on 21st September 2013. Head to their official facebook page for more details!