the AU interview: Avalanche City (Auckland) Talks Touring And Newly Released Album 'We Are For The Wild Places'

Dave Baxter, aka Avalanche City has been a busy man. Travelling across New Zealand and Australia, the artist has been touring extensively in support of his album, We Are For The Wild places, which released in July of this year. Currently on the road with Conrad Sewell, Dave is enthusiastic about the shows so far. “[They’ve] been really good,” he says. “I really like playing to Australian audiences. Really good, fun shows.” His last visit to Australia was two years ago, but his return is timed well, coinciding with the release of his new record. The reception to his live songs has been great so far. “Interestingly enough, this is the first time I’ve been playing the songs live... with a band set-up,” he says. “It’s gone down really good, and people love it. It’s a nice little boost to self-confidence that people like the new songs.”

With the production on his new record, he worked with a range of talented people, including one of his long-time idols. “I was able to put all of the budget into a really good mix engineer – Chris Walla from Death Cab (For Cutie). [I’ve] looked up to [him] for a really long time… I love the way he thinks about music,” he says. He also elaborates on the production process “I was pretty lucky because … I just got to do the album the same way that I did the first album, so I just recorded it by myself.”

Despite the short gestation period for his first album – only nine months, Dave admits that his second record took a lot longer to form. “The songs for this record span a really long time,” he explains. “It took a long time for me to figure out what I wanted to say and a new angle on it, because I didn’t want to do the same thing again... It took a really long time for me to feel good about the album.” The catalyst for the final mix of the album turned out to be Avalanche City’s first single, ‘Inside Out’. Dave says of the track, “It never really felt done until ‘Inside Out’ was on there. It almost felt like I was waiting for something else, so that’s part of the reason why I was never quite ready to say ‘it’s done.’”

The artist’s schedule is hectic over the next few weeks, with the singer finding himself going back and forth between New Zealand and Australia for a run of headline dates, and in support of Conrad Sewell. Check out the full interview with Dave below:



October 7th | Transit Bar | Canberra, Australia (w/ Conrad Sewell)
October 9th | Jive | Adelaide, Australia (w/ Conrad Sewell)
October 10th | Jimmy’s Den | Northbridge, Australia (w/ Conrad Sewell)
October 16th | Mercury Theatre | Auckland, New Zealand

We Are For The Wild Places is out now! For more information and how to purchase tickets, check out Avalanche City’s Facebook page at: