the AU interview: WWE Superstar Antonio Cesaro


The WWE’s pay per view event this Monday October 28th is named after the match that has been a centrepiece of the WWE for over a decade. The Hell In A Cell is a twist on the traditional cage match. A closed steel enclosure surrounds the ring and the wrestlers inside can use the cage as a weapon to destroy each other.

People have been thrown through the cage, off the cage and most have left bloodied and battered. One man who, while won’t be competing inside the cell, but will have a match at the pay per view is WWE superstar Antonio Cesaro. Born and raised in Switzerland, Cesaro made it to the WWE after a stint playing Rugby in Europe.

Currently in the tag team The Real Americans, who have issues with immigrants Cesaro and partner Jack Swagger will face the new Mexican tag team Los Matadors and their weird little bull mascot.

Where about’s are you at the moment?

At the moment I am in Birmingham Alabama. For Smackdown (TV show taping). Have you ever been to Birmingham, Alabama?

No I haven’t.

[laughs] Well don’t bother! Just kidding!

I got a chance to see you back in July for the WWE Raw tour. How was tour for you?

It was a great trip for me. We spent five days in Australia. Great shows, great fans, great cities. I had a chance to spend a couple of hours walking around your cities and had a great time. Judging by the fans, they had a great time too.

This Monday is WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay per view event. Do you look at those matches inside the cell (a closed roof steel cage) and think, ‘I want to do that one day’ or ‘There is no way I want to put myself through that!’?

I think it would be foolish to say no way to a match like that because as a WWE superstar at some point you may have to have a match inside the cell, especially if you want to be a WWE champion one day like I do. i look at that match and think, what would I do? How could I use it the structure to take advantage? Use the cell in a way no has before. I’m giving you some of my strategies here! [laughs]

You grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland playing Rugby Union, which Aussies have a love for. What made you transition from Rugby to wresting?

I don’t have to explain to you why people love playing rugby! It’s a great sport and good fun. I started wrestling in the off season and kept with it and ended up wrestling full time across Europe. I then moved to the United States and finally made it to the WWE. I think rugby fans can appreciate my very physical style.

One of things I’m impressed with is your latest move the ‘Cesaro Swing’ and you’ve used that on some pretty big guys, how demanding is that move on your body?

It is very demanding, you need a lot of different muscles to be working at the same time. It works your legs and arms but most of all it wrecks your equilibrium. If you’ve ever been swung by your legs or been on an amusement ride - its kind of like that! The benefits of the move outweigh the negatives. I get a little dizzy, but not too much, not nearly as much as my opponent. For me, its a great move. Its very effective and judging from the audience they love the move because it’s fun to watch. It’s almost cartoonish in a way to grab someone by their feet and swing them around and around in circles and toss them.

You’re currently teaming with Jack Swagger in the team The Real Americans. What have you learnt from Jack and in turn, what have you taught Jack in the ring?

Jack Swagger was an All American in amateur wrestling. he always shows me some new take downs and little techniques not too many people know. We haven’t been a tag team all that long but we cook on all cylinders and work well as a team behind Zeb Coulter (manager) who has so much experience and gives us some invaluable tips as well.

Well Zeb has been around the wrestling game for many, many years now.

Exactly and I always want to learn how to improve myself in the ring and he has a wealth of knowledge.

Who has been one of your favourite opponents in your time at the WWE?

For one reason only, I want to say Santino (Morella) only because I won my first championship in the WWE when I won the U.S Championship off him. [laughs]

Whats your process in the lead up to a match, whether it be on Raw or a pay per view like Hell In A Cell?

I try to warm up really good. Drink plenty of water. Me and Jack will do some amateur wrestling to warm up and then go through the curtain and be pumped and show everybody who’s the boss!

Do you know if your going to get a match at Hell In A Cell on Monday?

Yes we will be in a match against Los Matadors which I’m really happy about. They attacked Zeb Coulter with their little bull (they have a mascot which is a little person dressed in a bull costume) without any provocation so I thought that was below the belt so there will be payback at Hell In A Cell.

What is that little bull mascot they’ve got?

[laughs] Just wait until Jack and I get our hands on him. There will be hell to pay!

You can put him in the Cesaro Swing!

I could swing him for a new record and chuck him all the way back to Mexico!

WWE Hell In A Cell is live this Monday from 11am.