ACL Live Review: Metric + Polica - Emo's East, Austin, Texas (13.10.12)

For their official ACL afterparty, Metric (pictured above) were supported by the fabulous Polica, who will soon be heading to Australia for Laneway. Admittedly, their music is nothing mind blowing but their international support is unsurprising; they are a tight act with a stand out lead singer. I have to take a bit more time to get to know them, that's for sure...

Metric hit the stage in front of a sold out crowd and something of a heroes welcoming. Emily Haines responded by jumping around, headbanging and opening things up with "Youth Without Youth"; a great song to pump up a crowd if there ever was one. "Speed The Collapse" followed, showing Emily at her most poetic. The remainder of the set jumped between old and new. "Help I'm Alive" was a natural crowd pleaser and saw Emily don some sexy tambourine moves. My favourite track of the night was "Synthetica" off their recently released album of the same name. The night closed out with an acoustic version of "Gimme Sympathy".

The big winner of the night, however, goes to the stellar light show that supported the music, complete with lasers and all... a special mention also has to be made to Emily's banter about the touring lifestyle, commenting: "I'm still into the lifestyle (of touring)... it's not for everybody but it's definitely for us. I still get teary eyed when I see tour buses pulling out at dawn." I think this may have stemmed from her general observations as to how exhausted the band was. But they never let it show in a ripper of an energetic set; easily the best I've seen the band perform to date.