the AU interview: Rodrigo Sanchez (Mexico) on the upcoming Rodrigo y Gabriela tour & collaborations!

It's not long before Rodrigo y Gabriela make their anticipated Australian return and yet, it doesn't feel like it's been long since we last saw them. With a renowned stage presence and live reputation that has long preceded them, both Rodrigo and Gabriela have continued to step up the ferocity and passion in their music with their 2014 release, 9 Dead Alive.

Constantly on tour it seems, I catch Rodrigo in a rare moment of off-road time recently. He's in Europe when we chat and has been on break from touring for a few months, though as you may expect from the musician, it doesn't necessarily mean that music has been off the table completely during this time.

"I’m in Norway now," he says. "I’m working with recordings we have, but with no rush, you know? We’re doing some collaborations with different friends of ours and there is no rush or deadlines."

Finishing their last major bout of touring at the end of 2014, Rodrigo admits that rushing off to holiday without really coming down off that hectic schedule of performances may not have been the best idea. Coming back through to Norway however, he's enthusiastic about the music he's dabbling in now and the upcoming Australian tour.

"When we finished our last show in December, I went on holidays to Japan straight away and it probably wasn’t the best idea. I really did need to have a break. In Japan, I spent about two and a half weeks. I love it there, but it was too soon to have a crazy holiday again. I’m in the studio and Gab’s in Mexico, I send her stuff and we work remotely. We’re going to meet in Barcelona in a couple of weeks to do some rehearsals. Even though we are away from the road, it’s weird. Everything is weird! I don’t think it’s normal."

"We normally do it [tour Australia] every second year; we’re having a break now, but we’re coming back and the first part of the tour is Australia. It’s great to continue to tour there and we love it. Everyone, the crew, everyone loves Australia!"

To think about the music Rodrigo y Gabriela have been known for making, the relationship these two musicians share both onstage and off is obviously one formed on a shared passion for their craft. 9 Dead Alive in particular highlights the rhythmic energy Sanchez and Quintero have become masters at conjuring and it's an enthusiasm that has clearly extended into the other musical projects both have embarked upon. Rodrigo opens up about the collaborations he's currently working on and how easy it's been to connect with fellow music-minded friends in making some material that remains truly exciting to be developing and exploring.

"It’s not only music," he explains. "I think all the other experiences you go through - especially on your own - it really affects the way you incorporate new elements into the music. I don’t remember the last time that I didn’t like spending so many hours on my computer do work, besides the albums, obviously. Doing something that is not particularly like a new album, but working on new music and projects that I’m just doing because I love the idea of doing it. We don’t have any deals with any record labels now to work on these projects, they’re just different friends of mine who I’m excited to invite on different collaborations and they all liked to join. I probably got too excited and got a few too many, but as I said, we don’t have any deadlines and we all like working remotely. I’ve been practicing stuff on the guitar that I haven’t done for years. It makes me feel like I’m learning new stuff again."



March 29th - West Coast Blues & Roots Festival, Fremantle

April 4th & 5th - Bluesfest, Byron Bay

April 7th - The Palais, Melbourne

April 9th - Sydney Opera House, Sydney