Photo Gallery: 360 + Hopsin + PEZ + Miracle + Lunar C - Hobart Unibar (10.09.14)

All the way from Hobart Unibar in Tasmania, Matt Green captures 360 in action, supported by Hopsin, PEZ, Miracle and Lunar C.

Photo Gallery: Boil Up - The Homestead, Hobart (23.08.14)

Local reggae band Boil Up, performed at The Homestead to a great crowd that were ready for some dance inducing tunes!

Five Reasons You Should Have Gone to Dark Mofo in Hobart

Over 11 days in June, the second annual Dark Mofo Festival transforms the cold winter of Hobart into a wonderland of arts and culture that locals and folk from the mainland come in their droves to experience. And if you didn't, well, Lauren Anseline was there and is letting you in on the five reasons you missed one hell of a good time. See you there next year?

Festival Review: The Falls Music and Arts Festival, Day Three - Marion Bay, Tasmania (31.12.13)

New Years Eve is a time for celebration and, unless you’re headed to some exotic overseas location, there are few better ways to celebrate than with your closest friends, 12 000 neighbours and some of the biggest artists the world over. True, The Wombats may have missed the official countdown in Marion Bay, but then there’s nothing like a bit of confusion and chaos to kick off the new year with a bang.

Festival Review: The Falls Music and Arts Festival, Day Two - Marion Bay, Tasmania (30.12.13)

The first day of music on the main stages at The Falls Music and Arts Festival in Marion Bay was about as big as they get. From big hitting Australian bands to the international heavyweights, there was something on offer for everyone.

Festival Review: The Falls Music and Arts Festival, Day One - Marion Bay, Tasmania (29.12.13)

The Falls Music and Arts Festival really begins in Tasmania the moment your car reaches the top of the last hill revealing a spectacular view of Marion Bay; a sparkling blue sea surrounded by rolling green hills with a natural beauty that’s almost unrivalled the world over. It’s so enthralling that you temporarily forget the bumper-to-bumper traffic… and inevitably stressful task of setting up camp that all lie ahead.

Photo Gallery: DARK MOFO Satanalia ft Boris + Barbarion + Mono + The Drones and more... - MAC2 (22.06.13)

Hobart's winter festival DARK MOFO celebrated its closing with a party dubbed "Satanalia", featuring a blend of Australian and International bands of a dark, brooding manner, including Mono (Pictured), Boris and The Drones, capping off a most eclectic and diverse arts and cultural festival. Tony Proudfoot was there to represent the AU review and brings us these photos from the event night.

Photo Gallery: Rekorderlig Winter Forest - Dark Mofo Opening Weekend

Tasmania's inaugural 'Dark Mofo' festival took place from June 13th until June 23th. Very appropriately, in the celebration of all things dark, chilly and wintry, Sweden's Rekorderlig Cider teamed up with the festival to bring a 'beautifully Swedish' Winter Forest. the AU review brings you photographs from the 'go-between' bar, which featured even more artistic extravagance from the festival.

Photo Gallery: DARK MOFO Club Nights ft DC 3 + Super Wild Horses + Miles Brown and more... - Faux Mo (19.06.13)

For 3 cold, wintry nights during DARK MOFO, a disused cinema/theatre space is transformed into a dark club with bands, performance art, DJ's, and general oddities and weirdness celebrating all that is debaucherous and sexy and decadent. Tony Proudfoot was there to represent the AU review and brings us these photos from all three nights.

Photo Gallery: DARK MOFO Winter Feast - PW1 Precinct, Hobart (20-22.06.13)

For 3 nights during the depths of Winter, DARK MOFO Festival participants and local Hobart-arians gorged on food and drink supplied by local vendors, and were entertained by local buskers and street performers at the the Winter Feast, a celebration of the pagan ritual of Winter Solstice. Tony Proudfoot was there to represent the AU review and brings us these photos from the three nights.

Dark Mofo Photo Gallery: You Am I - MAC2 (19.06.13)

You Am I perform The Hi-Fi Daily Double at MAC2 as part of the highly anticipated Dark Mofo Festival in Hobart, Tasmania. Tony Proudfoot was there to represent the AU review and brings us these photos from the event night.

Live Review: Dark MOFO closing night 'Satanalia' feat. The Drones + Barbarion + Boris + more - MAC 2, Hobart (22.06.13)

After 10 days of live music, art installations and plenty of wine and gourmet dining it was time to say goodbye to Dark MOFO with a massive free party along the waterfront which the entire city of Hobart could enjoy.

Live Review: Dark MOFO feat. Fascinator + Andee Frost - The Odeon Theatre (21.06.13)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Satan were a hipster and threw a party in an old theatre? Well the intrigue is over as the Dark MOFO night garden was all that and more with its sensual sensory overload that did make me take pause and question what exactly was in my drink. I sat sank back in my chair at the Odeon and lost myself in a whirl of psychedelic visual projections, spinning lights and a monstrous flashing red pentagram that threatened to consume us all as the entire venue seemed to pulsate and convulse along with the music.

Our Top 5 Dark Mofo Picks!

Dark Mofo is a brilliantly named winter festival which is debuting TODAY in and around Hobart in Tasmania, and running until June 23rd. It features concerts and performances; MONA's first large-scale public art project and exhibition, ‘Beam In Thine Own Eye’; the Hobart City Council Dark Mofo ‘Winter Feast’; a family-friendly festivus to enliven the Hobart waterfront with food, fire and dance; a Dark Mofo Films program at the historic State Cinema; plus the Mona till Midnight opening of the new major exhibition, ‘The Red Queen’; along with the usual after-hours Mofo debauchery at Dark Faux Mo. To get you all excited about the weeks ahead, we have compiled our top 5 picks for the festival... and here we go!