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VideAU Games News Byte: FIFA 16 adds women's national teams to player line-up

The hotly anticipated FIFA 16 is making a very important addition to its player line up this year - the addition of Women's National Teams. Women's teams from all over the world will be represented in the game, with likenesses drawn from real world players, making it the first game in the series 25 year history to include female players.

VideAU Games News Byte: Capcom is remastering Resident Evil Zero

Capcom recently released their re-remastered version of Resident Evil onto PC with much fanfare from RE fans around the world. With one up-rez'd version of a Gamecube remake considered a success, Capcom are keen to see if lightning will strike twice, pulling Gamecube exclusive Resident Evil Zero out of retirement for a makeover.

VideAU Games News Byte: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley coming to 3DS June 20

The world's favourite farming sim, Harvest Moon is returning to the Nintendo 3DS this year with Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. The game arrives on June 20 and will take your male or female farmer on a journey to build a farm, cultivate the land, fulfil the requests and orders from nearby townsfolk, get on their good side, maybe get hitched and ultimately restore the four seasons to working order.

VideAU Games News Byte: Bioware's Casey Hudson becomes Creative Director at Microsoft Studios

Microsoft have announced that former Bioware dev Casey Hudson has joined their team as Creative Director at Microsoft Studios. He will work on projects like HoloLens and Xbox in his new position.

VideAU Games News Byte: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon launching early 2016

Guys. GUYS. There's a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. Called Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, it will release on Nintendo 3DS in early 2016. Even better, there's a trailer.

VideAU Games News Byte: Space puzzler 0rbitalis out now on Steam

0rbitalis is a minimalist puzzle game that pits you against the power of gravity, exits Steam Early Access today, now available for PC and Mac with a 25% discount for the first week of release.

VideAU Games News Byte: You can now buy retro classic Chip's Challenge, and it's unreleased sequel, on Steam

Chip's Challenge is a landmark puzzle/adventure title that was released twenty-five years ago on Windows 3.1 and the heavyweight world champion handheld, the Atari Lynx. The game, and it's unreleased sequel Chip's Challenge 2, have arrived on Steam and, for retro fans and video game historians, it's basically Christmas.

VideAU Games News Byte: Watch Harley Quinn beat the hell out of bad guys in the latest Batman: Arkham Knight trailer

We've known since the game was announced that everyone's favourite deranged former psychologist, Harley Quinn, would be playable in Batman: Arkham Knight. We've finally gotten our first look at Harley in action and she's just as brutal as you would expect.

VideAU Games News Byte: Steam now officially offering refunds, but you have to play by the rules

Steam has been criticised in the past for the fact that anyone who buys a game from their digital storefront has very few options if a purchased game either won't work or is simply rubbish. This is set to change, at last, as Valve are now going to offer refunds within 14 days of purchase, but that's not the only caveat.

VideAU Games News Byte: Bethesda is teasing a new Fallout game. Remain calm.

Bethesda Softworks is teasing a brand new Fallout game on its official website with an image that asks viewers to "Please Stand By" for a forthcoming announcement, along with a countdown clock.

VideAU Games News Bob-omb: Nintendo drops surprise micro episode of Nintendo Direct

With E3 just around the corner, announcements are pretty thin on the ground. Apparently, Nintendo don't much care, dropping a super-fast episode of Nintendo Direct full of juicy new info. Check it out, along with our full breakdown, after the jump.

VideAU Games News Byte: Heroes of the Storm gets 25% XP buff until June 9

Blizzard's accessible take on the MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, launches officially this week and to celebrate the occasion, Blizz are putting on a weeklong boost to experience.

VideAU Games News Byte: Guitar Hero Live unveils another batch of songs

Guitar Hero Live, Activision's reboot of the beloved music-and-rhythm game franchise, has unveiled the crop of songs and artists to be featured on the game's extensive soundtrack. There's a bit of a rock focus on this one - hit the jump to see who's in.

VideAU Games News Byte: New trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider has arrived

Microsoft have released a new trailer for Lara Croft's next adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider. There's a theme of pushing yourself and aiming higher with this new trailer, and it sees Lara scaling a glacier in pretty undesirable conditions.

VideAU Games News Byte: Sci-fi horror game SOMA gets new trailer, release date

Following the completion of an ARG by dedicated fans, the latest trailer and a release date for Frictional Games' first-person sci-fi/horror title SOMA has been revealed. Check out the spookiness for yourself after the jump.