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VideAU Games News Byte: Mirror's Edge 2 now officially titled Mirror's Edge Catalyst

DICE have revealed the title of their next entry in the Mirror's Edge series. Titled Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the game "is not a sequel," according to senior producer Sara Jansson in a post of the game's blog.

VideAU Games News Byte: New report says Dark Souls 3 coming early next year

Dark Souls 3 could arrive in early 2016. That's according to a new report from IGN citing as its source a promo image for the as-yet unannounced From Software game.

VideAU Games News Byte: Turns out that Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter only works with Windows 10

The Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter for Windows arrives later this year, but will apparently be shipping with Windows 10 support exclusively so if you're running an earlier operating system and want to use your Xbone controller then you'll be out of luck.

VideAU Games News Byte: Huge wave of Halo 5 news includes free maps and Nathan Fillion

The new issue of Game Informer magazine has a heap of fresh information on Halo 5: Guardians including a heap of maps, no Xbox Live Gold requirement for co-op play and everyone's favourite space cowboy/ODST Nathan Fillion reprising his Halo 3: ODST role as Edward Buck in the new campaign.

VideAU Games News Byte: Fortnite coming to Mac, beta access confirmed

Epic Games' entry into the free-to-play team shooter genre has been confirmed for release on Mac during Apple's WWDC keynote. Better still, Mac players will be able to participate in the next beta when it drops in Q3 this year.

VideAU Games News Byte: Capcom to release Mega Man Legacy Collection in Q3 this year

Capcom has announced they plan to release remastered versions of all six of the original Mega Man games in what they're calling the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

VideAU Games News Byte: Heroes of the Storm to receive tons of Diablo content during months-long Eternal Conflict event

Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA/brawler Heroes of the Storm launched around the world last week with their latest character, Johanna, but it turns out she wasn't all Blizzard had up their closely-guarded sleeves. June 23 will see the release of a Diablo-themed battleground onto the public test realm along with a new playable Hero, Diablo villain The Butcher.

VideAU Games News Byte: Smash Bros creator to hold pre-E3 video conference on future updates

Masahiro Sakurai will present a special video conference on Sunday, June 14 (which will be Monday here in Australia) regarding forthcoming updates for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, according to a Nintendo press release.

The AU Interview: Video Game Composer Tommy Tallarico discusses the awesomeness of Video Games Live

Video Games Live has “all the power and emotion of a symphony orchestra combined with the energy of a rock concert, mixed together with all the cutting edge visuals, interactivity, technology and fun that video games provide” says co-creator Tommy Tallarico. It was the first of its kind- an insane concert experience unlike any other, and certainly worlds apart from the other video game concerts that followed in its large footprints. Now in it’s 13th year, having performed over 350 concerts, this July will mark Video Games Live’s very FIRST tour to Australia!

VideAU Games News Byte: Gearbox talks about how Battleborn will play, releases new trailer

Battleborn is Gearbox Software's upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter, and up until now not very much at all has been known about it. That's all changed with an announcement from 2K Games on what players can expect from the game AND a crazy new trailer!

VideAU Games News Byte: Uncharted - The Nathan Drake Collection set to arrive October 7th

Following a leak on the mobile version of the PlayStation Store last night, Sony have confirmed that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, an anthology that features remastered versions of the first three games in the Uncharted series, is set to release October 7 on PlayStation 4.

VideAU Games News Byte: NBA 2K16 - A Spike Lee Joint

NBA 2K16 will continue its tradition of big name creative custodians this year when it delivers a career mode written and directed by the one and only Spike Lee. This confirms months of rumours following leaked promo materials back back in April.

VideAU Tech News Byte: The first wave of Steam Machines arrive in the US October 16

The first wave of Steam Machines, computers-as-consoles built to run Valve's SteamOS and the many games on its service, will be delivered into the hands of a few lucky pre-order customers in the US on October 16. Sale machines will begin to arrive November 10. Also arriving: the Steam Controller and Steam Link!

VideAU Games Interview: Chris Sigaty and Alan Dabiri from Blizzard chat about Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard's latest title, the MOBA/all-star brawler Heroes of the Storm has finally been released and to celebrate, Blizzard hosted a launch event for fans at Event Cinemas. On hand were Technical Director Alan Dabiri (WarCraft III, StarCraft II) and Executive Producer Chris Sigaty (WarCraft III, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void and guitar hero in Blizzard's house band Elite Tauren Chieftain) and we were lucky enough to chat to them both during their visit.

VideAU Games News Byte: Did Red Bull just accidentally spill the beans on Destiny's next big expansion?

It would appear that the next big expansion for Destiny will be called The Taken King. The news comes from what looks to be branded boxes of Red Bull energy drinks carrying a rather incriminating logo.