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E3 2015: Killzone developer Guerilla Games debuts brand new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games, best known for creating Sony's Killzone franchise, have unveiled a brand new game called Horizon: Zero Dawn during Sony's E3 Experience. It's a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter/brawler that features a barbarian warrior woman, robotic wildlife and brutal combat.

E3 2015: Agent 47 returns in "Hitman"

Square Enix have debuted the first trailer for a brand new title in the Hitman series titled, simply, Hitman during Sony's E3 press briefing.

E3 2015: Media Molecule debuts Dreams, a game that lets you create art with your controller

Media Molecule have debuted their latest creation, a weird little thing called Dreams, at Sony's E3 press conference today. It's a really hard one to explain so hit the jump and watch the trailer.

E3 2015: Destiny's next expansion is The Taken King and it launches September 15

Destiny's next expansion is called The Taken King and it's all yours September 15 according to Bungie's announcement during Sony's E3 showcase.

E3 2015: No Man's Sky demo's many improvements, says release date announcement imminent

No Man's Sky, the exploration game that turns you loose in the universe and then lets you figure it out, has made a sizeable appearance at Sony's E3 press conference this year.

E3 2015: Your mysterious first look at the "World of Final Fantasy"

Sony have revealed a mysterious new Final Fantasy called World of Final Fantasy during their E3 press briefing earlier today.

E3 2015: PS4 owners will now get Call of Duty DLC first

Microsoft certainly won't be happy but PS4 owners will hardly care. Sony have ironed out a deal with Call of Duty publisher Activision that will see the PlayStation getting all future DLC first going forward. The news was announced during Sony's E3 2015 press brief.

E3 2015: NHL 16 release date announced with gameplay trailer

It was announced today at E3 in Los Angeles that EA Sports NHL 16 will be released in Australia on September 17 this year, on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game comes with new experiences and improvements, putting players at the heart of the action.

E3 2015: Epic "Mad Max: Savage Road" story trailer "Eye of the Storm" released

Today at E3, a brand new story trailer dubbed "Eye of the Storm" for Mad Max: Savage Road has been released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios. Click through to watch the trailer in full...

E3 2015: Uncharted 4 debuts new trailer, looks absolutely incredible

As Sony's press conference drew to a close, there came an awkward moment. After an hour and a half of hitch-free announcements, Uncharted 4 became the title to close out Sony's show. So, of course, that's where the problems began. But when they got it running, boy, was it worth the wait.

E3 2015: Campo Santo's Firewatch is coming to console

Campo Santo's excellent and very funny adventure title Firewatch, about a park ranger who gets caught up in some very mysterious goings on, is making its console bow on PS4.

E3 2015: Assassin's Creed Syndicate gets a batch of new cinematic trailers

Ubisoft have debuted a pair of new trailers for Assassin's Creed Unity at both their own E3 press event and Sony's PlayStation E3 Experience event, one of which focuses on our new heroine Evie.

E3 2015: Final Fantasy 7 to receive HD remake

Following an entire decade of rumours and dashed hopes, the classic PSOne RPG Final Fantasy VII is getting an HD remake for the PlayStation 4. The news was revealed a very happy crowd indeed at Sony's E3 press con today.

E3 2015: Street Fighter V adds Birdie and Cammy to roster, announces beta

Capcom have shown a trailer for Street Fighter V during Sony's E3 media event, unveiling two more characters and a beta for the game.

E3 2015: Two Star Wars Battlefront trailers in one day?!

DICE have unveiled a second gameplay trailer at the PlayStation E3 Experience press event today. It details a survival mode that pits Rebel forces - and everything they've got - against waves of enemies in a fight to the death