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E3 2015: Square Enix moves further into mobile gaming with Lara Croft Go

Square Enix's Go franchise of mobile games is set to expand with the release of Lara Croft Go, a cel-shaded, turn-based take on Lara and her tomb raidery gig. The game was announced during Square Enix's E3 press event this morning.

E3 2015: Square Enix, Platinum Games making a new Nier title

During Square Enix's press conference this morning, Yosuke Saito took the stage to announce that the publisher has teamed up with Platinum Games to create a new Nier game for PlayStation 4. The complete title has yet to be announced. They did have a quick teaser, though.

E3 2015: Just Cause 3 launches December 1, shows off crazy damage in new trailers

Watching the trailers for Just Cause 3 feels like watching an enraged, wild animal be released from a cage on an unsuspecting world. Avalanche's open-world third-person shooter wants you to create as much destruction as possible, for their own amusement as much as anyone's. We got our next look at the game, five glorious minutes of it, during Square Enix's press conference early this morning.

E3 2015: Fire Emblem Fates coming to 3DS next year

Originally titled Fire Emblem if in Japan, Fire Emblem Fates will arrive in the west on Nintendo 3DS next year. The game was announced during Nintendo's E3 press con this morning.

E3 2015: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash arrives Holiday 2015

Mario and his friends - eternally game for some healthy competition - will battle it out on the tennis court once more in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. The game was announced during Nintendo's E3 presser and is set for release this Christmas.

E3 2015: Super Mario Maker coming September 11

For anyone who has ever played a Super Mario Bros. game and thought, "You know, given the right set of tools I could transform this joyous display of smart design into a controller-snappingly brutal nightmare hellscape," Super Mario Maker is the game for you.

E3 2015: Here's your latest look at Fire Emblem Shin Megami Tensei

Originally announced back in 2013 at Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, the Atlus and Intelligent Systems mashup title has made another appearance during Nintendo's E3 press event.

E3 2015: The Mario & Luigi RPG series returns with Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

The Mario & Luigi series of RPG's is crossing over with sister RPG series Paper Mario for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. The game was announced during the Nintendo Direct E3 press briefing.

E3 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X arrives in western territories December 4

Xenoblade Chronicles X is launching on Wii U December 4 according an announcement trailer featured in Nintendo's E3 Digital Event.

E3 2015: Hyrule Warriors Legends coming to 3DS early 2016

A port of last year's surprise hit Hyrule Warriors will appear on the Nintendo 3DS next year. Called Hyrule Warriors Legends, it will contain all the content from the Wii U version.

E3 2015: Nintendo unveils 3-player co-op 3DS title The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes

One of quite a few 3DS titles shown off during Nintendo's E3 presentation, the next game in the Zelda series is The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes. It's a three-player co-operative title that will have a fashion-focus.

E3 2015: Nintendo releasing a pair of amiibo for Skylanders: SuperChargers

In something of an unprecedented move, the Wii U version of Skylanders: SuperChargers will be getting some exclusive amiibo figures of its own. Vicarious Visions made the announcement during Nintendo's E3 Digital event just hours ago.

E3 2015: EA Games excites fans with new Star Wars, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and more

It's beginning to look like an especially big 2015-2016 for Electronic Arts, who are fresh from a successful conference at this year's E3. Announced during the conference was a brand spanking new Mass Effect, as well as new Need for Speed and FIFA games. But what really blew people's minds was what looks like the most epic Star Wars game anyone has ever made. Here are the main take-aways from the conference.

E3 2015: Shenmue III is real. This is not a wonderful dream. And it's already raised $1 million on Kickstarter.

Yu Suzuki, creator of many a Sega classic, has appeared during Sony's E3 2015 press brief to announce a Kickstarter for Shenmue III, sequel to his beloved Dreamcast classics.

E3 2015: The Last Guardian is definitely still alive. Here's proof.

The Last Guardian has been so long in gestation that many thought the game had been quietly cancelled. Sony always insisted that it was still in production but never had anything to back up its claims. Until today, that is. Sony unveiled a brand new trailer to kick off their E3 showcase and it's everything you hoped for.