VideAU Games Review: The Detail (PC, 2014)

Have you ever felt that Telltale Games do an amazing job with their narratives but your decisions in the game don't actually matter? Hey, it’s true to an extent. Whoever is going to die, will die, no matter how hard you try. Rival Games is one to fix that, with The Detail, a crime noir adventure in a modern American city.

The Detail follows the story of a detective and a mole who has since retired from gangland life, sucked deep into the conspiracies of the mob, with the story beginning with the death of a Russian mob boss. The game has a compelling narrative and tests your memory, general knowledge and observation skills.

In this game, assumptions that the game will follow the cliché formula on TV crime dramas will point you in the wrong direction.

Spoilers alert: In the beginning, when you play as two officers checking up on a known pedophile, you are given the choice of picking the lock to enter quietly or kick in the door and enter quickly.

The difference? If you had picked the lock, you would catch the pedophile standing over the little girl – However, if you kicked the door in, the pedophile would manage to catch the police officers off guard.

In the ensuing scuffle, you are given the choice of deciding in how to fight him off – a test in your knowledge and common sense - do you try to pry him off you (noting he's much bigger than you), or do you blind his eyes?

Next, after subduing the pedophile, you assume the role of the detective where you have to find out the location of a missing girl in the pedophile’s captivity – Here, you can be a good cop or a bad cop.

Think that just because you have a cooperative partner, you can go for the classic TV approach?


If you tried to play hardball, the pedophile would be released due to police violence.
Negotiate? You have a good chance of both nailing him and finding the girl if you increase the pressure at appropriate timings after intimidating him.

The judgment? This is a must-play.

Review Score: 10 out of 10
Highlights: Compelling narrative with grave consequences
Lowlights: Short gameplay – Game is divided into episodes.
Developer: Rival Games
Publisher: Rival Games
Released: October 28 2014
Platforms: PC