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VideAU Games Review: Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 3: Catch a Ride (PC, 2015)

The newest episode of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands might be it’s funniest one yet. “Catch a Ride” picks up moments after the conclusion of Episode 2 and sees Rhys and Fiona’s long con becoming more and more perilous with every new hostile encounter, while adding something entirely new to the Borderlands universe - genuine beauty.

VideAU Games Review: The Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel Unlimited (PS4, 2015)

It’s been a year since Bethesda released the PC version of their massively multiplayer online role-player The Elder Scrolls Online. After promising a console version was forthcoming, and then suffering a number of delays, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has finally arrived on current-gen consoles. It’s often pretty hard to gauge the success of an MMO when the servers only came online very recently but, by the Nine, we’re going to give it our best shot anyway.

E3 2015: The ten most surprising announcements from E3 2015

This year’s E3 Expo was one of the most impactful and exciting in years, managing to surprise even the most jaded, cynical gaming enthusiasts with it’s many announcements and trailers. Now that the expo has drawn to a close for another year, we thought we’d round up the ten announcements, demos and trailers that took us most by surprise.

VideAU Games News Byte: Arkham Knight's top-end collector's edition cancelled a week ahead of launch. Sorry, Bat-fans.

Retailers across the nation are issuing refunds and apologies to customers who pre-ordered the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Collector's Edition. That edition of the game has, sadly, been cancelled due to ... well, it's not clear what happened but the official statement on the matter makes it sound like there may have been a defect in the Batmobile mold.

E3 2015: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 releases in September on PS4 and Xbox One

We got our first scarce details on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 just last month and Activision is clearly pinning their hopes on the game to return the series to its former glory. The Birdman himself has swung by E3 2015 to reveal the game's release date.

E3 2015: Sony unveils trailer for Project Morpheus VR title Godling

One of a number of games Sony have been showing off at this year's E3 built for their Project Morpheus VR gear, Godling puts you in the role of a young god.

E3 2015: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided coming early 2016, check out the trailers here

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will see release in the early part of next year according to the head of Eidos Montreal. The announcement came during Square Enix's E3 press briefing.

E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII coming to iOS, PS4 port of PC version delayed

Square Enix has announced plans to bring Final Fantasy VII to the iOS App Store. The news came out of Square's E3 2015 press con today.

E3 2015: There's a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. Remain calm.

No-one was expecting to see gameplay from Kingdom Hearts 3 during the Square Enix E3 presentation this morning but that's exactly what we were given. 2 minutes and forty five seconds of glorious gameplay.

E3 2015: Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness will launch on PS4, PS3 next year

Square Enix have unveiled Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness, the fifth main franchise title in the Star Ocean series during their E3 press conference this morning. The game will release in the US and Europe (hopefully that includes us!) on PS4 in 2016.

E3 2015: IO Interactive talks more about Hitman at Square conference

Christian Elverdam from IO Interactive appeared at Square Enix's press brief this morning (and again at the PC Gaming Show) to go into greater detail on the developer's upcoming Hitman game.

E3 2015: Square Enix, Platinum Games making a new Nier title

During Square Enix's press conference this morning, Yosuke Saito took the stage to announce that the publisher has teamed up with Platinum Games to create a new Nier game for PlayStation 4. The complete title has yet to be announced. They did have a quick teaser, though.

E3 2015: Just Cause 3 launches December 1, shows off crazy damage in new trailers

Watching the trailers for Just Cause 3 feels like watching an enraged, wild animal be released from a cage on an unsuspecting world. Avalanche's open-world third-person shooter wants you to create as much destruction as possible, for their own amusement as much as anyone's. We got our next look at the game, five glorious minutes of it, during Square Enix's press conference early this morning.

E3 2015: Shenmue III is real. This is not a wonderful dream. And it's already raised $1 million on Kickstarter.

Yu Suzuki, creator of many a Sega classic, has appeared during Sony's E3 2015 press brief to announce a Kickstarter for Shenmue III, sequel to his beloved Dreamcast classics.

E3 2015: The Last Guardian is definitely still alive. Here's proof.

The Last Guardian has been so long in gestation that many thought the game had been quietly cancelled. Sony always insisted that it was still in production but never had anything to back up its claims. Until today, that is. Sony unveiled a brand new trailer to kick off their E3 showcase and it's everything you hoped for.