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6 tips to quickly building a competitive Hearthstone deck

Hearthstone is technically a free-to-play game but it can be a pretty tough grind when you get started. It can be tempting and far too easy to splurge a bunch of cash on card packets, chasing the legendary cards needed to give your deck the edge over the competition. Here we have 7 tips to help you avoid wasting your hard earned cash and still build some decks that will allow you to compete against the best.

E3 2015: The ten most surprising announcements from E3 2015

This year’s E3 Expo was one of the most impactful and exciting in years, managing to surprise even the most jaded, cynical gaming enthusiasts with it’s many announcements and trailers. Now that the expo has drawn to a close for another year, we thought we’d round up the ten announcements, demos and trailers that took us most by surprise.

The Four Best Stalls at CeBit Australia Expo 2015

The CeBit Australia Expo at Sydney Olympic Park brought together some of the best technology exhibitors from Australia and abroad who are looking at making their presence felt in the Australian technology scene. From electric cars, drones, soccer playing robots and wearables, here are our four best stalls from the expo.

VideAU Games Feature: What is it that people love about Call of Duty?

I know so many people who love Call of Duty. I mean love it. They play it every day, they get super pumped whenever a new game in the franchise is announced, and they don’t seem to mind grinding their multiplayer profile all the way back up to Prestige with each new title. As someone whose relationship with Call of Duty ended years ago, their endless fascination is a mystery to me. So what is it about CoD that tickles so many people?

Diary of a Terrible Bloodborne Player - The First Hour

Let me be clear: I am the worst Dark Souls player in the world. I mean, I really struggle to get anywhere in those games. I wander and I flail and I die over and over and over. To say I felt some trepidation when I picked up From Software's latest opus, Bloodborne, is no understatement. I knew full well that I had just paid $99 for my own repeated annihilation. Thus, I felt compelled to keep a diary of the experience. Here is how Bloodborne treated me in its first hour. Let us know over at @videaugames on Twitter if you'd like to hear more of my bungling adventures in Yharnam.

Watch the AU's Chris Singh go head-to-head with Australian UFC Fighter Robert Whittaker in Mortal Kombat X (PS4, 2015)

Last week the AU's Chris Singh went head-to-head against Australian UFC Fighter Robert Whittaker, fighting for the fatalities in the brand new next gen game Mortal Kombat X. See what happened when the two went at it on the Playstation 4 in this exclusive video below and then read on for Chris' first impressions of the game.

Has the SingStar Ultimate Party Finally Gotten Started?

SingStar Ultimate Party

The original SingStar game launched over ten years ago, encouraging you to out-sing your slightly more tone-deaf friends in the comfort of your (hopefully soundproofed) lounge room. It turned into a series of games pumping out the hits of various musical artists, eras and genres, including ‘80s, ‘90s, Motown, rock ballads, Queen, Take That and ABBA versions.

Tech News: Optus teams up with Netflix to offer free subscriptions, and Ricky Gervais wants to tell you about it

With Netflix finally launching in Australia and New Zealand today, all eyes are on the online entertainment service and it's promising potential to shake up what we know of Australian subscription television/streaming. Already the service has attracted praise for their very reasonable price point and humongous collection of new and classic films, series, documentaries, and more. To further this inevitable spread of Netflix, the service has teamed up with Optus to offer package deals which would see customers receive extra data plus six months of Netflix for free. The deal is so good that even people who gain nothing from it are getting Ricky Gervais.

VideAU Games Feature: Why you need to be careful when buying from grey market CD key sites


The Australian dollar isn't so hot right now. It's currently sitting at around AU$1.30 against the US dollar which means prices are starting to rise again. Evolve is advertised at US$79.99 on the Australian Steam store, but comes in at only US$29.95 when you check the American store. Why? As usual, who knows. So what, if we still want to buy our games legitimately, can we do? Many are turning to grey market CD Key websites for a better deal - but if you buy from the wrong one, you could lose your money and your game.

Our 11 most anticipated games of 2015

Now that we're emerging from the essentially gameless month that is always January - aka the time where you get to beat all the games you received for Christmas - we're starting to get excited about the year ahead. And so we thought we'd bring you a list of some of the games we're looking forward to the most this year, in no particular order - as well as some honourable mentions. Well, let's get started:

VideAU Games Opinion: Where did all the party games go?

I know the stereotype is that nerds and gamers are loner types, but this is ridiculous. Miraculously, some of us wander out of our man - or woman - caves every now and then, dust off the Cheeto crumbs and find ourselves some fellow humans to help while away the hours. These humans are commonly referred to as “friends”. Honest-to-goodness, IRL, not-just-imaginary friends.

A few reasons we're excited for the release of GTA V on PC

GTA 5 was the most anticipated and not to mention most celebrated game of 2013 with nothing but double thumbs up all round. 2014 saw the release of the critically acclaimed franchise hit next generation consoles. The games second release also received nothing but praise, and saw a silver lining to the inevitable question, “When will it make it’s way to PC?”.

Best of 2014 Countdown: The 15 Best Video Games of the Year!

It's been an amazing - and often record-breaking - year in video games, but as usual there are a pile of favourites that stick out amongst the rest. So, it's time we look back at the ones we consider as part of that list. Here now are the 15 games we think are the best of the best from a really strong year...

VideAU Games Hands On: What is amiibo?


We grabbed a few figures from Nintendo’s new amiibo range along with Super Smash Bros for Wii U this weekend. amiibo (no capital A, I know, it’s bugging me too) represent Nintendo’s first foray into NFC figure technology. NFC stands for Near Field Connection and it’s the same chip-based hardware you see in figure-to-life games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders. What do they do? Are they worth a purchase? Hit the jump to find out.

VideAU Games at PAX AUS 2014: Indie Showcase Highlights

pax aus indie showcase

Every year at PAX, the event’s organisers hand pick a number of their favourite local indie titles to feature on the show floor. It’s fantastic way for these projects to receive a huge boost in recognition and even sales, which in turn allows the developers to improve and complete their titles. I got a chance to get some hands on time with quite a few of them over the course of the three day convention and thought I’d offer a few initial impressions.