F&L News: Massive food line-up announced for Laneway Festival Sydney inc. Gelato Messina, Porteno, and Marys

As we in Sydney gear up to take on St Jermone's Laneway Festival this Sunday one we'll also be needing to ready of palette for a wonderful onslaught of food. We all know just how important festival food is, as we continue to revolt against the revolting dagwood dogs and greasy gozleme. Laneway share that awareness, and have such curated a Sydney food line up that includes pop-ups from some of the city's most adored eateries, including Vini, Marys, Porteño, and Gelato Messina.

F&L News: World famous dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan announces first Australian locations (National)

Often known as the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, dim sum institution Tim Ho Wan sets has set on a course for Australia, with plans to open in various locations around the country. Consistent and high quality dim sums is what Tim Ho Wan, a restaurant concept founded by former Four Seasons Hong Kong chef Mak Kwai Pui, is so renowned for. The various locations the famous restaurant will open at throughout 2015 have now been announced.

Eating with the AU: Royal Croquet Club - Birrarung Mar Park (Melbourne)

On the green grass of Birrarung Marr sits an otherworldly village guarded by two giant croquet playing giants. As you cross the threshold into ‘The Royal Croquet Club’ you are transported into another world. The wind is warm and people sit leisurely sipping cool drinks and eating delicious delicacies. Games are being played, music can be heard, and the general atmosphere is that of relaxed bliss. We approach the Yulumba container where our secret tasting event will soon begin, and are relieved to find a shaded table out of the hot sun. Cups full of ice cold Pimms travel towards us and we gulp them down enthusiastically. Groups of people casually play croquet as others watch nonchalantly from high seats.

F&L News: Smirnoff dominates summer with Smirnoff Frozen Pouches

With summer in full swing, people around the country are looking to stock up on pre-mixes that are a little cooler than your usual go-to beverages. Enter the always- reliable Smirnoff, who recently launched a new range of alcoholic products in the form of Smirnoff Frozen Pouches.

F&L News: Local Taphouse's Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers results revealed

Move over Triple J's Hottest 100, we've got a hottest 100 that will really get you hopping - the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers, compiled by the multi-award winning speciality beer venue The Local Taphouse. Get those checklists out and work through these.

Eating with the AU: Gradi at Crown - Southbank (Melbourne)

I was quite overawed when I walked into the newly opened Gradi at Crown. The expanse was much larger than expected with diners seated at every single table. It was a Monday night and it was absolutely packed! As we were directed to our seats I noticed the simple yet eclectic elegance of the decor, and the intelligently designed layout. The hum of excitement was intoxicating, as were the smells drifting to us from the kitchen.

Eating with the AU: Japanese BBQ Yakiniku GYUZO - CBD (Sydney)

Gyuzo is tucked away at the end of Liverpool Street, as you begin that frequent bridge walk to Darling Harbour, so it might be easy to unknowingly walk past this valuable Japanese BBQ. Walk slowly though, and be on the look out, because this place is well worth discovering. Meat is obviously the focus here, and the staff take great pride in knowing that they offer very high quality Wagyu among their rich range of meats, sushi, and other traditional Japanese dishes.

Drinking with the AU: Veuve Clicquot Airstream Pop-Up Bar - Circular Quay (Sydney)

Sipping Veuve Clicquot with front row Sydney Harbour views? Ah, yes please. That’s exactly what you’ll get this month at the Veuve Clicquot Airstream pop-up bar set up on the Sydney Opera House’s Western Boardwalk.

F&L Guide: Top 12 Sydney bars that opened in 2014

We lost some really great bars in 2014 and while it's as sad affair indeed, Sydney's bar scene is still as rich and diverse as it has ever been, and even though Small Bars have maintained their tight hold on the city's drinking culture, there has been some absolutely fantastic bigger bars spreading their wings across the city as of late. Let's reflect on 12 of the best whether they be a small bar, a cocktail lounge, or a wine bar. Get your checklist out, because these are all well worth your time as you make a push to make full use of our beautiful Summer.

F&L News: Hatsyard's Pastry Chef Reinvents the Classic Ice-Cream Sandwich with Pop Tarts (Sydney)

Inspired by the humble ice cream sandwich, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts are teaming up with Andy Bowden, pastry chef at Hartsyard, tasking the renowned pastry chef with reinventing the classic dessert to treat Sydney this summer.

Eating with the AU: Bacon Festival at Cuckoo Callay - Newtown (Sydney)

Come February 9th 2015 a small Newtown cafe called Cuckoo Callay stands to become a glorious hub of all things bacon, for a sizzling 3 months. News of their limited edition "Bacon Festival" was quick to spread over social media the other week, so much so that co-owner Ibby Moubadder has gone from listing bookings made days in advance on a small chalkboard to listing bookings made weeks in advance in a diary. Interest has gone through the roof for them, but the staff seem confident that they can handle all the bacon lovers coming their way, armed with empty stomachs and their wittiest bacon puns.

Food & Lifestyle Weekly - Tuesday 20th January 2015

In this week’s issue: The Tomato Festival hits Sydney; we look at places to see the Australian Open in Melbourne; Asahi Extra Cold Bar enters its last week; the Pop-Tart Caravan cools down summer for Sydneysiders by handing out free ice cream sandwiches; Tokyo's famous Robot Restaurant is popping up in Sydney; a special Iron Chef series of events in Melbourne; and more!

F&L News: The Veuve Clicquot Airstream returns to Sydney Opera House for Summer (Sydney)

Sydney-siders need a pop-up slice of luxury for Summer, and that's exactly what Veuve Clicquot Airstream seeks to achieve, bringing with it Clicquot’s unique combination of luxury, food and design. The pop-up diner has kick-started parties all over the world, and, this season, will return to Australia with an island summer vibe, complete with palm trees and Clicquot long boards.

F&L Guide: Things to do over Australia Day Weekend 2015

Our national day of celebration and pride is right around the corner, with Australia Day falling on next Monday. It may feel a bit different in Sydney with Big Day Out no longer taking place (this year anyway), but there's still a load of great events happening around the city to ensure there's still as much reason to party and do all those things that are stereotyped as Australian, you know like throw Shrimps on barbies and hand people vegemite sandwiches (whilst smiling of course, can't forget the smile). Here's a few events happening around Sydney - with one Melbourne and Brisbane listing each, just in case - that you may want to pay attention to; they all sound like fine ways to spend your Australia Day Weekend.

F&L News: IMB Sunset Cinema North Sydney returns with massive film schedule for 2015 season (Sydney)

IMB Sunset Cinema is back at the historic North Sydney Oval, from Thursday January 22nd. The Oval is the location of Australia's first documented outdoor cinema, dating back to 1909, and more than a 100 years later the event will be attended by thousands of locals, this time using a state of the art inflatable cinema screen and digital projector.