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Miss Peaches (New Menu, Summer 2015) - Newtown (Sydney)

Through a narrow door and up some stairs nearby The Marlborough Hotel is the passage through to Miss Peaches. There is a cool breeze blowing in and sitting high above one of Newtown’s busiest streets has afforded me the perfect view to people watch. The night my guest and I dined was a Thursday night which means the crowd pouring in are here for one thing, Roadhouse Rockabilly Night.

Eating with the AU: Luxe - Newtown (Sydney)

Luxe has been standing strong on Malborough Road for years now. It's an attractive venue to look at, like a cosy cottage getaway when compared to the often overwhelmingly buzzed King Street. During breakfast and lunch the venue is almost always packed with the more relaxed Newtown locals looking for some good coffee and some even better pastries. Luxe are at an advantage based on what providers they choose to work with, obviously discerning when it comes to produce; as such you'll find artisanal ingredients from the likes of Feather and Bone and Pepe Saya which has things looking up for the restaurant's new dinner offerings.

Eating with the AU: Luyu & Yum Yum - Newtown (Sydney)

Dumplings, like ramen, are amongst the most popular and trendy foods in Sydney; they inspire so much contention with Sydney's avid food-lovers that if you were to ask 5 people where to find the best in Sydney you would likely get 5 different answers. New Newtown restaurant Luyu & Yum Yum will be one of those answers soon enough, once word spreads around town - and it's already spreading pretty fast - of this funky venue that will either reinvigorate or deepen your love for dumplings. Don't let the cutesy name fool you, this place is serious about climbing to the top of Sydney's dumpling scene.

Eating with the AU: Izba Russian Treats - Newtown (Sydney)

The Izba Cake

The south end of Newtown's diverse King Street is often reserved for in-the-know locals rather than casual visitors to the suburb, and so it's usually not as congested as the the Thai-swamped area closer to Sydney University. Though, those who do venture past the station are usually rewarded with a plethora of new discoveries, as they uncover some of the more unique 'hidden' gems of Newtown. One such gem is Russian bakery Izba, run by Olga ­Rogacheva who is quite proud in offering Sydney a great range of sweet and savoury, authentic Russian fare that can't be found anywhere else.

Eating with the AU: Bacon Festival at Cuckoo Callay - Newtown (Sydney)

Come February 9th 2015 a small Newtown cafe called Cuckoo Callay stands to become a glorious hub of all things bacon, for a sizzling 3 months. News of their limited edition "Bacon Festival" was quick to spread over social media the other week, so much so that co-owner Ibby Moubadder has gone from listing bookings made days in advance on a small chalkboard to listing bookings made weeks in advance in a diary. Interest has gone through the roof for them, but the staff seem confident that they can handle all the bacon lovers coming their way, armed with empty stomachs and their wittiest bacon puns.

Eating with the AU: Onyx Lounge, Newtown (Sydney)

Considering its incredibly close proximity to Newtown Station and Bank Hotel, it’s hard to believe I’ve passed by without noticing Onyx Lounge in the eight months that it’s been open. If I had stumbled upon it earlier, I would’ve realised what a gem of bar it is much sooner.

Eating with the AU: Cuckoo Callay - Newtown (Sydney)

I've recommended Cuckoo Callay to quite a few people now, and most have had the same reaction: "but, it's a train station cafe". That's true, the cosy cafe is perched right before the station gates at Newtown train station, but that is by no means indicative of the quality you'd find here. The curiously named cafe (named from Lewis Carroll's iconic "Through The Looking Glass") opened a little over a year ago, staring commuters right in the face as they bustle in and out of the station.