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the AU crew present the Best of 2009: Part One - Top 5 Albums


The wonderful AU crew have joined forces to choose the best 5 albums of the 2009! Plus, selected contributors give you their personal choice for album of the year. It may surprise!


Simon Clark's 7 TRACKS FROM 7 DAYS - December 2009


This eclectic and varied list of tracks is singles, records, random online discoveries which have taken up a considerable amount of my listening time over the last seven days. I can only hope that all you people out there like them as much as I do. Enjoy! And come back next month for more.

Monday – Lewis Takes Action – Final Fantasy

A tale of two vastly different gigs in two vastly different countries.


Melbourne contributor Rob Pechar recently travelled overseas, and brings us two reviews from his adventures - the first, No Age in New York City, and the second, Franz Ferdinand in London. Indeed, this is a tale of two vastly different gigs in two vastly different countries. We hope you enjoy it!

Summer Festival Spotlight: Week Two - LANEWAY FESTIVAL (NATIONAL)

In this week's Festival Spotlight, we turn our attention to the increasingly popular Laneway Festival.

Summer Festival Spotlight: Week One - DAY'S LIKE THIS! (SYDNEY)

Welcome to our new weekly series, placing a spotlight on the
upcoming Summer Festivals gearing up to take over Australia! For our
first week, contributor Chris Singh takes a look back at the 2009 Day's Like This!
Festival - one of the few alternative festivals designed for people who
love good music, minimal crowds and an amazing atmosphere.

Sydney Festival Launches with a Delightful Bag of Treats!

If there is one musical event which has come to encapsulate Summer in Australia, there's no argument that it's the Big Day Out
- the 2010 edition of which has now sold out around the country,
despite a lineup born out of a recycling bin. But in Sydney, there is a
parallel force for our Summer, full of original and often awe-inspiring energy, coming to signify the season for many: Sydney Festival. "This is Our City in Summer," indeed.

A Look Back at the History of KIA SOUL'S LIVE AT THE CHAPEL

It's a rare thing in this day and age to see a live music-oriented
series survive on Australian Television. Even programs on MTV and
Channel [V] don't seem to stick around for too long. There is one
popular exception to this rule, however. Kia Soul's Live at the Chapel


Why wait for the full review? In an AU review FIRST, from Friday night
to Sunday night, Larry & Chris uploaded live tweets - both text and
pics - from Australia's signature winter festival.

Check out the archived embedded feed here:

A Sydneysider's Take on Melbourne's Big Day Out 2009

Having attended the Sydney Big Day Out for the past 5 years, it would
be fair to say that being sick of the crowd that attends this event is
an understatement. So, loving Melbourne, I decided to make the trip
down south for this year's epic BDO event - and boy, did it pay off. I
guess I better just say it now: Melbourne Big Day Out shits ALL over
the Sydney event.