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The AU Mixtape: Nine Songs By American Bands Every Australian Should Be Listening To

Help us help you. Listen to some of the best music coming out of the US right now. 9 tracks from 9 artists that you may not be listening to. And we at the AU think you should be. Enjoy this little piece of music discovery to end your Thursday...

Seven artists who deserve your attention at Volumes Festival in Sydney this Saturday!

This Saturday, Sydneysiders are being treated to one of the finest local lineups we've seen in years. Headlined by Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders and The Laurels the event - which kicks off at 2pm on Saturday 29th August - will see

Five shows and events you can't miss at the 2015 Brisbane Festival!

After the artistic directing reigns have now been officially handed over to David Berthold, it’ll be interesting to see what direction he takes the monumental festival in for his four year run. With some 10 days before the annual Brisbane Festival begins, we at the AU thought we’d make some predictions on what will be the best shows to see at Brisbane Festival this year. Here are our top 5 picks, in no particular order:

the AU playlist: the best NWA tribute songs of all time

The Australian cinematic release of NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton is a little over a week away, finally giving us a chance to see what has been causing waves across the U.S box office in the past few weeks. The film has been an enormous success so far, topping the charts for two consecutive weeks with no sign of slowing down as the acclaim from both critics and the public keep rolling in. None of this would have happened though, if NWA weren't as influential and important to hip hop's history as they remain today and to help remind you all of the group's influence we've put together a list of the best NWA tribute songs over the years. From fellow West Coast pioneers to some of the most respected East Coast rappers of the 90's, many have paid their respects to the notorious rap group, resulting in some really great covers, homages, and samples.

Sam and Jack Weaver share 10 tunes that have helped influence their work as Ocean Bones!

Sam and Jack Weaver aka Ocean Bones, are the Darwin duo we've introduced you to recently. Having formed in a music scene where originality is well-supported but is bound by their isolation at the same time, the duo have developed a musical output that represents the music they've grown up making and also tunes that have been influenced by a wide range of Australian and international artists. From hip-hop to hardcore music, these two have got quite the diverse palette. We got in touch to see which songs they're currently digging and the artists who have been influential on their musicianship.

Rachel Costanzo's five tunes that inspire her when in studio!

Sometimes you've just got to indulge and completely immerse yourself in good pop music. For Melbourne's Rachel Costanzo, she's in the great position where she's able to constantly be channelling some of her favourites when she's writing pop music of her own in studio. The young songstress has been one whose work the AU has been championing this year and we decided to link up and find out what names and tunes she bumps when she's looking for inspiration.

West Thebarton Brothel Party hook us up with a tight road trip playlist ahead of Adelaide & Sydney shows!

West Thebarton Brothel Party have recently put out their self-titled debut EP and before this month is out, the Adelaide seven-piece indie rock band will have taken their baby to launch shows in their hometown and Sydney. Carving out a reputation for knowing how to not only establish a killer live show environment, but also knowing how to form a successful creative dynamic that works for a collective their size, West Theb are proving time and time again that they're ones to watch.

Exclusive Tour Diary: Angus and Julia Stone (Sydney) Explore Chicago and Lollapalooza

The duo performing at Lollapalooza. Photo by Daniel Boczarski for the AU review.

While on tour for Lollapalooza, Angus and Julia Stone recorded their adventures for us with an exclusive tour diary. We follow the musical duo as they travel around Chicago and play at the iconic festival. During their visit, they explored the many film locations of The Blues Brothers and talked about how influential the film was. When they were younger, their father’s band often played Blues Brothers covers shows. After exploring, they played at Lollapalooza, where they experienced the good vibes of the crowd for themselves, until the weather changed and the crowd was evacuated to underground weather shelters. Click through for the full tour diary.

the AU counts down the 30 Best Record Stores in the World!

Though the next Record Store Day may be a while away yet (16th April 2016! Not that we're counting...), believe it or not but for the rest of the year Record Stores continue to be amazing. They deliver incredible product, unique experiences for their customers, often run their own labels and even showcase artists themselves. And we all have our favourites. So it's perhaps with little surprise that this list has created the most debate we've ever had for any list in the office, and our original list of 20 exploded to 30... which you can enjoy here with some comments from our team about why they love the stores - and head to our Facebook page to let us know what we missed!

Our seven favourite performances and discoveries from the 36th Annual Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Last week, we returned home following an incredible trip to Canada that ended with a weekend in Edmonton for the 36th Annual Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the riverside city, and perched on natural ampitheatres against almost all of the festival's seven stages, there was a comfort and beauty to this festival that made it an experience unlike any other.

Watch Kendrick Lamar interview N.W.A about their legacy, values, and more

Ice Cube, Dr Dre, MC Ren, and DJ Yella - the living members of iconic rap group N.W.A - recently sat down with Compton's new poster child, Kendrick Lamar, for an interview set up by Billboard. Having Kendrick conduct the interview seems to loosen up each member - particularly Cube and Dre - who give one of their most revealing interviews to date, talking about the impact of N.W.A in popular culture, their values, and reflecting on how far they have come.

Exclusive Playlist: Sam Hales of The Jungle Giants serves up five tunes guaranteed to make you feel good!

We're getting closer and closer to all the good things: warmer weather, festival season and some massive headline tours to wrap up the year by some of our favourite artists. For our Artists of the Month, The Jungle Giants, they've got a stack of appearances coming up over the next few months in support of their recently released album Speakerzoid. Not only do they have a headline tour of their own, but they've recently been announced on a run of festival dates before the year is out too. Frontman Sam Hales has given us a little glimpse into some jams that he loves, guaranteed to psych us up for all the good times fans still have ahead in the new few months!

Exclusive Track By Track Feature: A look at The Demon Parade's 'Stone Circles EP'!

The Demon Parade kick off their Stone Circles EP tour this week and if we're honest, this EP has packed a lot of punch that is set to fill out some stellar shows. For the Melbourne psych/garage act, the release of the Stone Circles EP on Friday has been the culmination of a lot of hard work for the four piece, having refined and worked on their sound solidly not only through studio sessions, but on stages alongside the likes of Swervedriver and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. We turn the spotlight on to the Stone Circles EP and take a closer look at its songs today - read on to find out more, courtesy of Michael Badger.

the AU playlist: Sean Price - 12 tracks we love in memory of the legendary emcee

If you grew up listening to 90's hip hop then chances are you grew up listening to a lot of Sean Price in one way or another. Back when hip hop was largely focused on lyricism, the man was a mainstay in underground hip hop, highly regarded and highly influential stemming from his smooth, no-bullshit style, sharp wit, and genuinely thoughtful rhymes. A stand out on pretty much every posse cut he was featured on, whether it to be as a part of Boot Camp Clik, Heltah Skeltah or just on his own, Sean P would constantly attack the mic with such technical mastery that he became one of the most respected emcees and remained that way until this weekend, when he sadly passed away at just 43 years old in his family home in Brownsville.

Nightshows, Afterparties, Brand Activations and Buddy Guy's Birthday: Three days in Chicago during Lollapalooza

Chicago is transformed by Lollapalooza every year, giving the some 100,000 attendees, alongside those who didn't get a ticket, the chance to experience the bands and the flavour of the incredible music that the event offers. Last weekend we headed to Chicago to check out the festival and also see what else the city had to offer...