Tour Diary: Winter's End (Sydney) reflect on their trip to LA (Part One)!

Travelling at 904km/h at 35000ft above Western Samoa, you start to think, Holy crap! We are on our way to the other side of the world, where we will be sharing our music with a crowd of completely new friends. When we started out on this journey three years ago, we always dreamed of sharing our sounds with people in far away places and now we have to pinch ourselves to realise that it is no longer a dream but a wonderful reality.

We set out this morning and crammed all our gear into our Toyota Yaris. I know everyone is going, “What? A Yaris? How does everything fit?” Well whilst it is like a fine game of Tetris, it is possible! On our drive out to the airport we did what was expected and pumped "California Dreaming" by the Mamas and Papas, as well as 2Pac and Dr Dre’s "California Love". We arrived at the airport to be greeted by our amazing supportive mother who had taken the day off to come and see us off. After saying our goodbyes, we were off to Los Angeles.

Our first day in LA consisted of hitting the outlet stores for a bit of shopping. We are now back in our hotel enjoying a few beverages, before we head off for a drive to the Griffith Observatory, which is said to have the best view overlooking LA. This turned out to be entirely true! Spectacular views of the city and of the Hollywood sign.


Today is the day! We will be hitting the stage this evening at 10:30pm. But before that, we have a whole day to enjoy LA. We set out after breakfast and headed for Venice Beach. Marissa was super keen to go for a much needed surf and so she went and hired a surfboard while I went and hired a bike to cruise the boardwalk. Venice Beach is a place like no other so alive with creativity and culture. It is like Byron Bay on a bigger scale. After cruising on my 6 speed beast past Muscle Beach, I arrived at the Venice skate park. “Wow”, is all I can say to describe the ability of these skaters. It just blew me away. There was even one skater who was skating with crutches as he had lost the ability to control his legs. After spending about half an hour in awe of the skaters I headed back to catch up with Marissa, where she was carving the surf at Venice. Heading back to take back our hire gear and ran into RJ Mitte (Walt Jr from Breaking Bad). He asked why we were in town and I told him about our show which he said he would endeavor to come down and watch. Extremely excited at this prospect and it was a really good thing to pump us up for the show.

It then came time to head back to the hotel and get ready. This was our first taste of heavy LA traffic, which resulted in us rushing to get ready to head off for our load in and sound-check. After sound-check, we had a few hours to wait before it was time to hit the stage. The venue had a really cool outdoor green room, where we chilled and enjoyed the warm LA weather. Throughout the night, the crowd built and built and by the time we hit the stage, the place was pumping! We started with our electro sound pumping out “The Story Ends Here”, which is a song that we have dedicated to the memory of one our favorite Australian front women, Chrissy Amphlett.

Not far into the song, people started to dance and cheer. It was amazing to have such a warm response so early in the set! We then continued through our set and threw in a few of our slower piano ballads, which included our single "To Be or Not?", before we closed out the night with our current single, "Walls". After the show, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to mingle with the crowd, that resulted in us being bought many drinks that Chris graciously accepted on behalf of both of us (Marissa being designated driver for the night). Overall, to sum up the night, we were absolutely stoked with how the night went and we were lucky enough to turn the right heads. We cannot wait to get back to LA in the near future.