Six things the countdown clock on The 1975's official website could mean...

If you've paid a visit to the official 1975 website lately, you'll notice there is a countdown clock, set to reveal... something... in about 15 hours from the time of printing. Though it's likely a new single, video, album or tour announcement, we thought we'd have a bit of fun with some other things the boys in the 1975 could be up to... here's what we came up with:

The boys are Lost

The boys are stranded on the Lost island and they really, really need your help. Locke is pissed off that the Hatch won't open and they have no idea what the clock means because nothing is as it seems. But something is going to happen and they need your help. Help them. They're your boys.

Matty is running for PM

He has our vote. Well, if we could vote in the UK elections anyway. #MattyforPM

Plans to be the first band to record on Mars

Water on Mars? Pfft. The 1975 will announce they'll be the first band to record an album on mars. The limited edition vinyl will have specks of Mars dust in each release. Expected release date: 2075.

Back to the Future... with The 1975...

The boys are stranded in 1975 after Ross angers a group of Libyan rebels by taking their plutonium and using it in his sweet monster truck time machine. To find their way home the boys will have to blend into the Blaxploitation cop movie that is the mid-70's, solve crimes, punch jive turkeys in their disrespectful necks, repair the timeline after George has an especially big night out and try their hardest not to bang Adam's mum. Will they be able to generate the 1.21 jiggawatts of power required to power the monster truck and return to 2015?

The boys are launching their own makeup line...

We'll take the Blue Eye-Shadow, please.

The turtles are coming back to take what's theirs...

The boys are scoping the beach for turtles. They knew they'd be around, either in the water or on the sand but as they look above the sky is raining turtles and before they get a chance to run, they realise they are all turtles and this could be a new beginning.

OK, so none of these ideas are probably accurate - but to find out what the countdown clock will indeed reveal, head to the official 1975 website.

Thanks to David Smith, Harriet Carter, Lyn Harder and Andrew Campbell for their contributions to this article!