LIVE FROM SXSW: Death From Above 1979 play secret show, cause riot!

You’ll have to excuse the rushed, bloggish style of this news post, but this is breaking news. DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 played a “secret” show at SXSW at the Beauty Bar about an hour ago; a small 150-ish person venue. The performance was jeopardized by an attendence of estimated 500 in the alley surrounding the venue once word spread via Twitter and other social networking sites; the fence to the venue was literally tore down by the crowd.

Police at the venue used tasers and pepper spray to try and disperse the crowd, to little avail. Riot police on horseback arrived approximately 1:40AM, and that is when I personally got out of the situation. Video coming shortly, both of the spectacular performance by DFA1979 and following issues.