Our Five Discoveries at T in the Park 2014.

Earlier in the week we took you to T in the Park, an annual festival in Scotland - the biggest in the region. Over the three days we saw dozens of bands, and among them performances from the biggest and brightest stars around the world. But then there were the bands we hadn't heard of who left their mark - and thanks to the T Break and BBC Introducing tents, we saw quite a lot of them. Here now are our top five discovered artists at the festival:

the AU playlist: 6 new songs by Splendour In The Grass 2014 acts

It's almost here! The hotly anticipated Splendour In The Grass, where a great range of contemporary acts will vie for the coveted "best set ever" status while the rest of Australia try and live the event through a mixture of radio and social media. Many acts, such as co-headliners Interpol, have their fair share of classics to choose from, but will also be showcasing new material; some of which we have had to wait years for. Here are six relatively new songs to wrap your head around before the massive weekend, chuck these on your playlists and commit the lyrics to memory.

Our 14 Favourite Records of 2014...So Far.... Part Two: 6 - 1

In the second part of our countdown of our favourite albums of 2014 so far, AU contributors ranked the following albums as some of the best pieces of music produced by both international and Australian artists as of this point in the year. Some may be surprising, others may not, either way, if you've not yet checked out the following, perhaps now is the time to do so!

Our 14 Favourite Records of 2014...So Far.... Part One: 14 - 7

It's that time of the year where everyone takes a look through their new record collections and if you're like us, you're wondering just how it's possible so much good music has been released in 2014 already! We asked our contributors to give us their favourite albums of 2014 as of this halfway point and as the results show, there's definitely some musical gold in the ranks. Take a look at the first installment of the AU's 'Top 14 of 2014' below!

From around the world to Quebec: My discoveries of the 35th Annual Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

Now in its 35th year, the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal - or the Montreal Jazz Festival to us non-Francophones - is one of the world's best known music events, sitting alongside New Orleans and Montreux as the most respected of the Jazz world. Today brings to an end their 2014 calendar, which saw over 800 performances during the 11 day event at some 20 venues.

Splendour Sideshow Spotlight: Lily Allen (London)

Lily Allen has always been a performer who hasn't shied away from giving as much as she gets from her crowds. The Londoner who has been irking critics as much as she's been impressing them since breaking out in 2006, made a return to music this year, four years after announcing she was officially going on hiatus. Some may have thought being a businesswoman and mother wasn't enough to keep Allen's creative cogs turning but for others, 2014 was the perfect time for 'Sheezus' to rise again.

Five Reasons You Should Have Gone to Dark Mofo in Hobart

Over 11 days in June, the second annual Dark Mofo Festival transforms the cold winter of Hobart into a wonderland of arts and culture that locals and folk from the mainland come in their droves to experience. And if you didn't, well, Lauren Anseline was there and is letting you in on the five reasons you missed one hell of a good time. See you there next year?

Six Musical Moments at Firefly Music Festival (Delaware, USA) That'll Make You Sad You Missed It.

"The Woodlands" seems like an apt name for a festival, and even if said “Woodlands” refer to acres of what can only be called a very-dusty-and-extremely-sprawling racetrack backing onto a Mall, the site of Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival is certainly a step back to nature.

Splendour Sideshow Spotlight: Phantogram (New York)

With a seamless blend of their many influences, Phantogram stand tall as a fast-rising duo of electronic-leaning pop laced with soul, funk, rock, and R&B. They have nailed this melting pot of flavour so well the band has consistently been targeted and name-checked by many music legends, including Big Boi (of OutKast) and Wayne Coyne (of The Flaming Lips).

Five Acts You Probably Didn't See at Governor's Ball in New York City But Should Have...

It's already been a week since The Governor's Ball took over New York City's Randall Island, with OutKast, The Strokes, Jack White and many more gracing the festival's stages. But what about the bands who didn't close the three night event out? Our Aussie-based-in-NYC writer Rishe Groner was at the event (you can read her more extensive coverage HERE) and brings us her five "discoveries" of the festival - or: the five acts who you probably shouldn't have missed last weekend...

the AU playlist: 12 essential Tupac Shakur songs

Today (New York time) Tupac Shakur would have been 43. Tragically gunned down at the age of 25, the emcee remains mythological within hip-hop, consistently celebrated as one of the greatest, most meaningful rappers to ever live. Though he may have communicated what many frown upon as gang culture, Tupac was a studious and deeply thoughtful artist who embodied the very idea of rap as a snapshot of life in the ghetto. While many who are only vaguely familiar with his work are sometimes quick to dismiss the man's legacy based on a superficial view of his actions, fans of hip-hop can never deny the impact and quality of his music.

The Five Best Tracks of Augie March!

Celebrating the return of Augie March today, we've been thinking about what our favourite tunes have been over the years that have come from the creative minds of the Shepparton five-piece. While we're sure everyone's going to have a different collection of faves, the following five tracks rank (in no particular order) highly up there for the AU, for sure.

Counting down the ten best musical moments of Jack White...

Enigmatic rock artist Jack White is reaping the acclaim from his latest LP Lazaretto, a gorgeous melting pot of just how diverse this artist's sound can get. To celebrate the release we count down the ten best musical moments in Jack White's long and revered career.

The Music That Made Us: Mind Over Matter (Sydney)

This time last week, Sydney hip hop outfit Mind Over Matter released their anticipated new album This Way To Elsewhere. We sat down with the band for an interview today which you'll be able to see on the AU soon, but we also wanted to get an idea of the music that influenced them. In response, they delivered these five tracks as an entry for our series "The Music That Made Us".

10 reasons to get up early and to go Governor's Ball before Noon (this means you, Loren).

Kicking off on Friday, this year’s Governor’s Ball lineup is as stacked as a fluoro-tube-top-wearing rave Jersey girl, and that includes the wee little hot pants, because it’s stacked at the bottom as well. It’s not just about the biggies, though Outkast, Vampire Weekend and Skrillex are certainly the drawcards over here (see my picks in the article five of the acts you can't miss). Here’s the top ten reasons I’ll be getting up early to arrive for the midday sets – and dragging my friends accordingly, to whom I have dedicated this very handy post.