Exclusive Track by Track Feature: A Look At Woodlock’s 'Sirens' EP!

Woodlock have gained a strong following through their extensive busking tours around the Melbourne CBD, ahd have worked tirelessly to perfect their live shows. The band has just released their new EP Sirens, and they take us through an exclusive track by track look. Click through for some behind-the-scenes insights into their new music...


We’ve been going through a lot of changes over the past year, and this song is our own story of our “Coming of Age.” It’s almost a baptism from being the teenagers busking the streets, to the adults who really believe they have something to offer the world. Overall its about standing firm for what you believe, and not swaying on it.

“Even as the lights dim low, even as the sirens blow, even as the curtains close.”

Build a Kingdom

“I’m going nowhere, I’m going nowhere, I’m going nowhere.”

This song is the experience of a man who in trying to build his life (Kingdom) and is beginning to see that his own human weaknesses (anxiety, anger, etc) are the obstacles to his future. The pressure of trying control these “weaknesses” has taken its toll on his mind, nearly breaking him. The epiphany in the end is he realises that they can’t be controlled, only broken.

“I won’t break, you’re too late Crawl out… I wont bow.”


“Somehow call out… So tear my walls down, so tear my walls down… I’ll tear my walls down, tear my walls down.”

“This is where it begins, at the start of an end” This song is about the turning of a relationship for the worst. Be it with a friend, girlfriend, colleague etc. something that was once positive is now having a negative effect. Not only that, but you are in a place to retaliate.

“He will do the same to you don't let him conquer you”

Forever Ago

No one likes being away from the one they love. But this song embraces it on the idea that if you truly love someone, that space only proves how much this love can hold through. Distance takes away the physicality of love and places its strength on something much deeper.

“But I know you will return back to me. So I’ll wait here with a love that sets me apart.”


Whether we realise it or not we have all had someone around us battle with depression. This song is about being there, helping that person through those times. Though they keep falling back into the darkness, you’re there building them a safe place, building them a home.

“And you’re stuck in your own thoughts again.
Vines are wrapping round your fingertips,
and the night is closing in In the darkness I think it’s time.
I build you a home.”


Sirens by Woodlock is available now.

For more information, check them out on Facebook:

The band will also be on tour throughout October and November, check out the dates below.


Friday, 16th October | The Northern, Byron Bay
Saturday, 17th October | The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Friday, 23rd October | Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Friday 30th October | Max Watt’s, Melbourne
Sunday, 1st November | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (AA)
Friday 6th November | The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
Saturday 7th November | Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
Sunday 8th November | Four5Nine, Perth
Friday 13th November | Pirie & Co. Social Club, Adelaide
Friday 20th November | Transit Bar, Canberra