Tour Diary: Perch Creek (Melbourne) take on Newtown Social Club, Brunswick's Howler and more (Part Two)

Yesterday we brought you Part One of Perch Creek's tour diary, and now we bring you the second and final installment! From Newtown Social Club to Howler in Brunswick, Victoria, click through to see what the band got up to on the last leg of their tour...

Lugging in to East Side Radio, Sydney. The sunglasses are hiding sleep deprived eyes...

Two cute sisters and a vase defying the laws of physics...

Lost in the crowd at Newtown Social Club.
(Photo Tom Wilkinson)

Howler, Melbourne. The electric bass has been getting more airtime than ever before in Perch Creek shows lately.
(Photo: Steve Martin)

Christi Hodgkins. It's hard to believe this guy is only 20
(Photo: Steve Martin)

The lady in red.
(Photo: Steve Martin)

Celebrating after a very successful single launch tour. It's a good thing we were there to help Eileen finish off all those shots...


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