Tour Diary: Perch Creek (Melbourne) on the road in Fremantle, at BIGSOUND and more (Part One)

Perch Creek returned to home soils this September for their "Mama Sings" single launch tour - their only Australian tour of 2015. Across a few select shows including BIGCOUND, the "Mama Sings" tour saw the band premiere songs from the forthcoming album, giving their audience an exclusive look into the exciting new musical direction the band have taken. The band now gives the AU review some insights into their life on the road... Click through for their tour diary!

Warming up before an ABC Radio National performance - Camilla gets in the zone by performing a yogic shoulder stand.

Celebrating after the radio performance in Adelaide, Lear poses with a megaphone that was lying around the studio.

Rocking "The Wheaty" at Perch Creek's first ever show in Adelaide.

Eileen and Christi wheel their matching leopard print suitcases past the Fremantle beauty salon on their way to Mojo's.

Rocking the west side at Mojo's, Fremantle WA.

At BIGSOUND, Brisbane you never know who might be walking by.

A power nap at the airport is the secret to success...


Look out for Part Two of Perch Creek's Tour Diary!

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