Dubmarine (Brisbane) bring us an exclusive Track-by-Track and stream of their "None the Wiser" Remix EP

Brisbane's Dubmarine, often considered one of Australia's most remarkable live bands, are returning to the stage with new music that breaks away from their early roots. New single "None the Wiser" is the latest offering from last year's album Laser Sound Beam and is the focal point of the band's new remix EP. The EP features the 2015 QMA award winning track 'None The Wiser' alongside 7 remixes by some of Australia's most renowned DJ's and MC's. Bass player Paul Watson gives us the down low on the songs in this track-by-track feature. Have a read and listen below!

1. "None the Wiser" - Dubmarine

Synth, bass heavy and laden with brass, the single like the album captures a band prepared to take music in a whole new direction. It’s big, it’s fun, and it’s something you've never heard before. Trappy delight!

2. Mr Savona Remix - Electronic/Dub

Mista Savona is a Melbourne based producer/ engineer/songwriter and keyboardist. A master of reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, bass electronic music and dub - from cutting edge new sounds to heavy vintage roots. Mista Savona has collaborated with high profile international artists such as Sizzla, Burro Banton, Capleton, Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Anthony B and many more. His original trademark in music is high quality production, power, intensity and depth. Mista Savona produces music that is highly regarded by music critics and loved by fans.

3. Million Ways feat eMCYTe - Hip Hop

eMCYTe aka C.White is the front man/MC for Brisbane Band SCHOOLFIGHT (Impossible odds records) Hook demon - circa 1940's Hollywood handsome - on point, zero faff flows - long serving member of the Aus HipHop community.

4. DrewID Remix - Electronic/Dub

DrewID is a staple on the west end dubbing scene who has remixed pretty much every west end band to much success. Drewid also produced Dubmarine's debut record Depth of Sound. Drewid also currently performs in the mighty Kingfisha.

5. Dancing Tiger Remix - Trap/Electronic

Dancing Tiger from Northern NSW produces enlightened mixes of Sacred Bass, Ethno Step, Global Trap, Super Funky Minimal and Progressive. He serves Freedom, Truth and Joy on the dance floor.

6. Frank Booth – Dub/Reggae

Dubbing is Frank Booths M.O, having dubbed some of Brisbane's best reggae including being involved in The Upstepers in Dub project. Reverb and good juju is all in a days work for Frank Booth.

7. Dead Pixel Remix - Electronic /Dance/Trap

Dead Pixel, based on the Sunshine coast are two passionate Aussie DJ/producers Amp'l Beats & Jesswah bring an Av/Dj performance packing the fat beats you can see.

8. Hostile Takeover - Trap /Electronic

Hostile takeover's Nick One and Stalwart in the Brisbane hiphop scene has remixed None The Wiser featuring vocal melodies from Soom T.


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