Six Artists Not to Miss at OutsideIn Festival in Sydney

OutsideIn Festival returns to Sydney this September 26 with a mass of great performers. With local and international artists from genres ranging from hip-hop to electronica, the festival is a melting pot of this generation's contemporary sound. So for all you music lovers out there, here are six artists you should definitely not miss at OutsideIn this year.

Cosmo's Midnight (6:25pm main stage)

This exciting Sydney duo have one of the most refreshing takes on feel good, summery electronica that you'll hear on the day. In readying their EP, they are bound to have some brand new tunes to show off to the OutsideIn crowd, no doubt continuing their winning streak which has them as one of the most anticipated acts for the upcoming festival season.

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Big K.R.I.T (10:10pm main stage)

Big K.R.I.T is at the forefront of the new generation of hip hop, with an expansive sound that captures the legacy of old school southern rap and blends it with contemporary music in a way no other artist is managing right now. The quality of his output is as incredible as the rate in which he crafts both intelligent, thought-provoking works and anthems for the turn-up generation. Make no mistake about it; Big K.R.I.T is as good, if not better than, the likes of Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. No hip hop fan should miss this.

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Devin the Dude (7:30pm main stage)

Devin is a pioneer integral to the history and sound of Houston hip hop - a style which permeates even the pop world nowadays. His otherworldly, laid-back tone blended with tongue in cheek rap has influenced a whole generation of melody-focused emcees. Seeing the Rap-a-Lot legend do his thing is bound to be one of the more interesting moments of OutsideIn. He isn't known as 'Rap's best kept secret' for nothing. Plus he's just a really nice dude.

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Stormzy (9.05pm RBMA stage)

Grime is in real high demand right now, and we largely have this energetic emcee to thank. Guaranteed to be one of the most popular sets of the day, Stormzy will be proving that the grime wave we've all been riding lately is only going to get bigger and bigger. If you've heard his hard-hitting tunes then you already know.

Sable (5:20pm main stage)

Sable has crafted out a pretty distinctive lane with social media and his very own comic, pitting him against an evil version of himself and adding a fun narrative to his productions. The Perth producer just released his excellent 5-track debut EP a few days ago and this will be his chance to show it off in a festival environment, all the while he turns up his comic-inspired AV live show.

Total Giovanni (4:10pm main stage)

These Melbourne via Milano boys have a wild stage presence like no other right now, balancing their charming on-stage antics out with some really fucking good sunset disco-funk. They were one of our favourite things about Splendour in the Grass this year. This set is guaranteed to see the most active - and fun - dancefloor of the day with gyrations as hypnotising as those addictive basslines.

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