the AU playlist: The Pharcyde - 10 of the best tracks from the left-field hip hop legends

Back in 1992 when The Pharcyde debuted with the classic Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde they damn near changed the idea of what westcoast rap is and what it could be. Over 20 years later and the group are still in high demand, still creating mind blowing hip hop, and still rocking stages around the world. They are quite regular visitors to Australia, but The Pharcyde live is something you can't just experience once. Thanks to those fine folk at Astral People, this L.A group are headlining the annual OutsideIn festival as well as playing a small handful of sideshows. In anticipation, we thought it best to dig up some our of favourite tracks from the boundless act.

5 Things We Learnt at Face The Music in Melbourne

Over 850 music lovers flocked to The Arts Centre in Melbourne for the 7th annual Face The Music conference and the music industry event proved that it is just getting better and better with age, with some highly passionate, thought provoking discussions from influential figures and music fans alike.

Tour Diary: Matt Walters (Melbourne) at CMJ 2014 (Part Two)!

Melbourne's Matt Walters concludes his time in NYC for CMJ with a stop by the iconic MOMA, his North American radio debut and more! Check out the second part of his tour diary for the AU below.

Tour Diary: Matt Walters (Melbourne) at CMJ 2014 (Part One)!

Melbourne singer/songwriter Matt Walters recently enjoyed the spoils of New York City when he ventured out to the States for CMJ this year! He brings us some insights into how the trip treated him, no stranger to NYC, this time around in this, the first installment of his AU tour diary!

5 Shows not to miss at AWME this week!

The Australasian World Music Expo, affectionately known as AWME, is kicking off in Melbourne tonight, with various venues around the city set to host some of the world's (and Australia's) best blues, roots and world musicians over the next four days. The program is extensive and diverse, so if you're still trying to figure out what shows to check out, we've picked out our Top 5 as a starting point!

Tour Photo Diary: On the Road with Bin Juice (Sydney)

Photographer Charlie Hardy went on the road with Sydney band Bin Juice and brings back these photos from their experiences travelling up the East Coast from Brunswick to Byron Bay.

Tour Diary: Without Parachutes (Wollongong) at CMJ 2014 (Part Two)!

So, we’re finally back on Aussie soil and in full recovery mode from the most epic week of our lives. We had the best time in NYC for our US debut at CMJ and Sounds Australia’s Aussie BBQ. It was our first time playing overseas as a band, and we’re already frothing to get back. It was an incredible first trip. This is how it went down…

Tour Diary: Without Parachutes (Wollongong) at CMJ 2014 (Part One)!

So, we’re finally back on Aussie soil and in full recovery mode from the most epic week of our lives. We had the best time in NYC for our US debut at CMJ and Sounds Australia’s Aussie BBQ. It was our first time playing overseas as a band, and we’re already frothing to get back. It was an incredible first trip. This is how it went down…

Editor's Picks: The Five Best Performances of the 2014 WAM Festival in Perth

Pictured: Tired Lion

The WA music scene is without question among the finest in this country. I dare say it gives Melbourne a run for its money, winning out with its vast and eclectic nature. From experimental electronic to psychedelic rock, pop grooves and indie beats, there is something to be found for everyone here. It's what makes this list so difficult - no two bands were the same. But that said, there were a few favourites that stuck out from my weekend in Perth. Here are the WA bands you need to check out:

the AU playlist: DMX - 12 of the best from one of the best selling hip-hop artists of all time

Gruff-voiced Rap legend DMX will be making his second visit to Australia next month as he co-headlines a trio of arena shows with king of the south T.I. Known for recreating the energy of his biggest hits in his live shows, DMX still stands as one of the most anticipated figures in hip hop despite his relative lack of output over the past few years. Many hold his debut, It's Dark and Hell is Hot, as one of the greatest hip hop albums of the 90s, but there's much more to Dark Man X than just that '98 classic; here's 12 songs spanning his career that we hope to hear on the upcoming tour. Warning: explicit lyrics ahead.

10 music events to catch in Brisbane before the end of the G20 Cultural Celebrations!

The huge G20 Celebrations that have been taking over inner city Brisbane and its suburban surrounds is almost finished, but there is still so many great free events to be a part of! Some stellar music productions and gigs are scheduled to be happening throughout Brisbane in the final week of celebrations, 10 of which we've listed below!

Tour Diary: Sophie Hanlon (Sydney) in New York City for CMJ 2014!

My time at this year's CMJ had been ridiculously hectic, but well worth it. I have met some incredible people, made lots of new, exciting plans and have had a lot of fun performing around NYC. So much thanks to Sounds Australia for making it all happen.

Reflecting on The Aussie BBQ at CMJ 2014 in New York City!

Dear Australian Friends, Remember me? I'm your long lost Aussie lady who you used to love, who moved away four years ago and now knows nothing of the Great Southern Land. The country where I live now is strange. They don't even know how to make barbies. It's like, chuck some snags on there and they look at me like I'm weird and then suggest putting on shrimp. It's confusing.

Tour Diary: In and around New York with Karl S. Williams for CMJ! (Part Two)

The talented Karl S. Williams was recently in New York City for CMJ and documented his experiences in the Big Apple for us! A stunning look at one of the biggest cities in the world from the perspective from one of our exciting writers and performers, check out the final part of Karl's collection of snaps below!

the AU playlist: Ice Cube - 12 of the best from the west coast icon

Ice Cube has a pile of classics he can shell out in a live show as if it was still the 80's, so whenever he comes down to tour Australia you already know that you're going to get a real rap show. Despite his occasional pop leanings, the man has never been known to shy away from the deep, insightful gangsta rap that has made him a west coast pioneer and one of the most respected and influential hip hop artists in history. With a catalogue so deep and full of expressive, vivid raps flowed in his unique, aggressive tone, Ice Cube stands as a pretty difficult artist to pinpoint down to just 12 songs, so rather than just choose the records that define him, we throw in a few underrated classics to really showcase his powerful style ahead of his Australian tour next month. Warning: Explicit language.