the AU playlist: Top 10 hip house tracks from Jungle Brothers and Monie Love to Childish Gambino and Vic Mensa

Mixing up EDM and house music into hip hop is nothing new, it's a genre-blend that's has been attempted since the days of "Planet Rock"; results have always been mixed. The "hip house" label died off a bit for more than a few years after the end of the 90's, with only a few managing to get the formula just right, pushing both styles of music forward and coming up with something that sounds innovative and fresh. Vic Mensa has been the most successful of new-gen rappers to concoct this potent mix, with monstrous track "Down On My Luck" putting his name forth around the globe as one of the most versatile young emcees around, fitting nicely beside his more traditional hip hop material. To celebrate Vic touring Australia with St Jermone's Laneway Festival we thought it best to track the greatest hip-house songs, trying to place the incredible "Down On My Luck" into it's rightful place near the top of the relatively short lineage of hip house.

Five Australians not to miss at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2015.

The St. Jerome's Laneway Festival kicks off in Singapore tomorrow before coming to Australia for its 2015 national tour! We recently gave you our five international acts not to miss at the festival and now we take a look at the Aussies set to take to one of the many stages set to be put up at sites in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle over the next few weeks.

The AU Review Presents Emma Swift: Live at Sydney Courtyard Sessions 2015 next Friday!

the AU review is proud to present Emma Swift, playing at Sydney’s Courtyard Sessions next Friday, January 30th. As her surname might lead you to presume, Swift is an Americana country artist—but don’t let the name fool you. Swift’s soft, lingering vocals lend her music a haunting vulnerability that separates her from other artists of the genre today.

Five International artists not to miss at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2015.

It's that time of the year again that we get ourselves revved up for the massive Laneway Festival tour of Australia, New Zealand and Sinagpore - the first date of which kicks off this weekend in the Asian city. Now the only question is: who do we see? We've gone through the lineup and chosen you the five international artists we reckon are not to be missed...

Exclusive: Josh Lovelace from NEEDTOBREATHE presents his list of 5 Bands you need to see live

Ahead of their Australian tour next month, we caught up with Josh Lovelace from the band NEEDTOBREATHE, who let us in on the five bands (other than his own, of course) who he reckons we all need to see live...

A photo diary of Sydney Festival Village for 2015 - Hyde Park, Sydney (Open through Australia Day)

We're now entering the second week of Sydney Festival 2015, coming off some very strong performances ranging from live music and cabaret performances to adult circus and large-scaled theatre productions. The annual event always brings with it a huge platform for culture, attempting to appeal to every taste while also expanding these tastes and setting people on the ever-interesting course of discovery. While it does this, there's a little pop-up base from which Sydney Festival operates, the Sydney Festival Village in Hyde Park, inviting everyone in this beautiful city to come and enjoy a unique and wonderful atmosphere for no cost at all.

The best moments from Sugar Mountain Festival's years at The Forum in Melbourne (2011 to 2013)

Since launching onto the Melbourne scene in 2011, with an annual event at the Forum Theatre, the boutique festival Sugar Mountain has become one of Australia's most anticipated events. Always boasting an incredibly well curated lineup, the event endeavours to provide an experience you won't have at any other festival. And by all accounts it achieves it with flying colours.

the AU review's 15 Australian artists to watch in 2015

It's that time again where we look ahead to the year, rather than backwards, and move through the Australian artists we think will make it big in 2015. Now, our definition of "big" doesn't mean a Gotye size explosion - we just think that by the end of this year, all these artists will be well known around the country... some even internationally. Of course, many are well on their way there already. If you look back at our lists from 2013 and 2012, you'll see that usually we're fairly on the ball here. So pay attention! And now, in no particular order:

Best of 2014 Countdown: Best 40 Australian Albums of the Year

Earlier this month we revealed our top 40 albums of 2014, which included 14 albums from Australia (including The Smith Street Band as our number one!). As we did last year, however, we want to make sure as many Australian albums are highlighted as possible! So, we've gone back to our list of votes from AU's fine contributors and put together a list of the top 40 Australian albums (LPs and EPs both eligible) of 2013!

Exclusive Playlist: My 10 Favourite Songs (Right Now) with Brandon Roundtree from Conditions (Richmond, VA)

Farewelling Australia next month will be much loved US post-hardcore/melodic rock group Conditions, hitting the stage as part of the mammoth Soundwave Festival tour. In advance of the bittersweet shows, the band's lead vocalist Brandon Roundtree shared with us ten of his favourite tracks for today's exclusive playlist:

Exclusive Playlist: NEEDTOBREATHE present their 10 favourite songs for a road trip

Ahead of their Australian tour next month, American rockers NEEDTOBREATHE are sharing exclusively with AU review readers their ten favourite songs to listen to on the road. And you know this is a band who spend a lot of time on it. So enjoy these amazing ten tracks and keep it as a playlist for yourself, for the next time you're on the road: yourself:

the AU review's 15 most anticipated Australian records of 2015

After an incredible year of new Australian music in 2014, we have an incredible array of records in the pipeline for the new year. Some are from bands who we've been waiting to hear from again for years... some for the first time... others are continuously pumping out incredible music and we have no desire for them to stop! In no particular order, here are the fifteen Australian albums (some confirmed, some still to be...) that we can't wait for (or at the very least are hoping for...) in 2015:

Our Top 5 Performances from Falls Festival Lorne!

Photos: John Goodridge

Bundling ourselves up and hitting the road on a sunny Sunday afternoon, myself and fellow AU writer and music nut Bridget Hustwaite rolled on down the coast to Lorne for the 2014 Falls Festival. Hungover and still waking up, we drove back to Melbourne early New Year's Day morning, already discussing the hits and misses of the festival. Below are just a couple of thoughts on some of the stand out bands on the line up this year.

Best of 2014: Tora (Byron Bay) name their favourite records of the year and talk Falls Festival!

While backstage at Festival of the Sun earlier this month, Bryon Bay outfit Tora named their favourite music of 2014 and looked ahead to their performances at Falls Festival - which is happening as we speak!

Best of 2014 Countdown: Top 20 Hip Hop albums - Part 2: The Top Ten

The year may have started off slow for hip hop in 2014, but this year has ended up giving us some excellent projects ranging from stunning, experimental debuts to some of the best one-producer albums we have seen in years. Some albums may not have one stand-out single, but surpass the competition when taken as a whole, hence the differences seen in our top hip hop and R&B tracks of 2014.