Today the music industry celebrates Record Store Day!

The annual Record Store Day is a global celebration for the music industry and one which reiterates how crucial traditional outlets are in assisting the global reach of music from all over the world. Today marks the sixth coming of this celebration in Australia, with the country joining the rest of the world with all types of special events planned in record stores around the country.

Feature: 20 Years of Nas' Illmatic

Released on April 19 in 1994, Nas' seminal debut Illmatic has remained the most lauded hip-hop album of all time; constantly and consistently listed as the greatest achievement any emcee has ever crafted. 20 years later and these accolades continue, as new generations discover Nas' first - and arguably, only – masterpiece [It Was Written and Stillmatic were 8's; 9's at best].

the AU playlist: 10 of our favourite Erykah Badu songs

The undisputed Queen of neo-soul Erykah Badu is currently down under as part of this year's stunning Bluesfest line-up. The woman of many names put on a show-stopping performance yesterday at Melbourne's Palais Theatre and is set to wow her Sydney fans tomorrow at The Star Event Centre. In our infinite excitement, we have put together a playlist of 10 Erykah Badu songs we adore.

Ten Artists Not To Miss at Bluesfest Byron Bay 2014!

It's just TWO DAYS until we're all at Bluesfest, soaking up what we hope to be the sun (and not rain) and enjoying some of the best music in the world. Running all the way through Easter Weekend (for FIVE DAYS!), the festival has such an unbelievable amount of artists playing, it's hard to even know where to begin. Well, we bring you now 10 of the artists who we think you can't miss at the festival. We haven't included any of the big bands here though - they go without saying, surely!

Top 5 Tracks from Stav and Jamie from Bluejuice (Sydney)

Ahead of their free performance on Thursday night at The Rock Lily in Sydney, Stav and Jamie from Bluejuice share with us their five favourite tracks. Stay tuned to our Instagram Feed on Thursday, too, as the band will be taking over our account! This will not end well.

The five best moments from West Coast Blues and Roots Festival 2014

The West Coast Blues and Roots Festival has long been one of my favourite festivals to attend. It’s chilled out, relaxed and normally boasts an impressive line-up of legends and up-and-comers. It also happens (for the time being) to be the closest I am going to get to Bluesfest. This year’s festival was my fifth (or maybe my sixth) West Coast Blues and Roots – so here, in no particular order, are five of my highlights from this year’s event.

Ten must-see artists at Coachella 2014! (Part Two)

We're just hours away from Coachella kicking off in Indio, California and so it's time for the second part of our list of the ten acts we reckon are unmissable at this year's festival. If you couldn't make it this weekend or next, make sure you tune into the festival on YouTube, and you can look back at the first part of our article here.

Why are the Dave Matthews Band one of the biggest bands in the USA and why should you care?

Whenever a Dave Matthews Band tour is announced in Australia - which has only been three times now in the band's illustrious 23 year career - it's often met with moments of confusion. A "why should we care?" sort of response is vocalised, especially when the tour coincides with a headline spot on a festival like Bluesfest. "But they're not even popular in Australia, are they!?" Well, on record, they've never been particularly successful in Australia. And even the band admits that 2001's Everyday wasn't their best effort. But those "in the know" usually reply: "if you saw them live, you'd get it..." and they'd be right.

Ten must-see artists at Coachella 2014! (Part One)

This weekend, Coachella hits the Californian desert for the first of two sold out weekends. There's so much to choose from at the event - where do you even begin? Well, we cut through the fuzz to bring you ten acts we think are unmissable at the event. And if you're not at the event, select performances well be streaming through the weekend on YouTube. And now, here are the first five...

the AU playlist: 20 songs we cannot wait to hear at Soulfest 2014

Discerning Australian and NZ fans of neo-soul and hip-hop are still in shock from the announcement of the dream line-up the ingaural Soulfest will bring to our shores this October. We've never before seen a festival of this stature purely dedicated to the best in neo-soul and hip-hop.

Editor's Picks: Four Groundbreaking Bands at SXSW 2014

Following on from our SXSW Awards on Monday, we're profiling the bands we shortlisted on our list of "Groundbreakers" at the event. The bands we feel made the most impact and the ones we haven't stopped listening to since the event! Here now are the four picks from our deputy editor Sosefina...

A look ahead at STUDIO Loves: The Beatles on Foxtel's STUDIO

It was 50 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play. Not quite. This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles only visit to Australia and the year that Beatlemania hit. In 1964 the band performed to 73 million viewers on The Ed Sullivan Show, played multiple overseas concerts, met Bob Dylan, recorded Beatles For Sale, released A Hard Day’s Night and made chart history when they held the top five spots on the US singles chart. Foxtel’ s Studio 132 will be celebrating the Fab Four this Saturday with a series of documentaries and concert films as The AU Review explores in more detail.

The 1st Annual AU Review SXSW Music Awards!

Having returned from our fifth SXSW a little over a week ago, we've spent some time reflecting on our experiences and now present to you the AU review SXSW Music Awards - acknowledging the bands who made the biggest impressions on us at the event. These awards were voted on by our team at the event: Larry Heath, Sosefina Fuamoli and Johnny Au! Read on:

Ten songs that tackle the subject of addiction.

As SBS 2's The Feed turn their attention to addiction for a week of special features on the subject, so do we. You may have seen our special on TV characters with addictions of their own over on The Iris, and today on the AU we bring you a playlist of ten tracks we love that focus on, or are inspired by, the topic of addiction. It's something that we've lost many musicians to - be it drug, alcohol or something else - so it's only natural that their music speaks on the topic. Sometimes about others, often about themselves, and in these cases the results are classic songs in their own right.

As for the Rest: ...other acts that caught our eyes (and ears) at SXSW 2014!

A typical day at SXSW, if done correctly, is spent running around, catching as much music as is humanly possible. Sometimes this means you catch very brief performances of bands; a song here, a song there. Here's "the best of the rest" from my SXSW experience. The bands I caught briefly but left a lasting impression.