The AU Lists: 5 Australian (Music) Radio Shows Worth Listening To.

Through the evolution of podcasts, streaming services, blogs, and other ways of divulging music, radio has kept itself alive by adapting formats. For those who are music lovers who still want a good radio show to give them music content that is unique, fresh and entertaining, there are plenty of options. The below five shows are good places to head off to if you’re keen on discovering a even finer niche – Australian music.

The below shows are community radio shows or shows from the ABC, because god knows commercial radio hardly ever care about Australian music. They’re too concerned with stunts that make people of note look silly more often than not. These five shows (delivered here in no particular order) however don’t do any of that. It’s real radio delivered by real people who care for the music industry in this country.

Home & Hosed
9pm Monday – Thursdays on Triple J
Listen online here.

This hour of new Australian music on triple j is hosted by part-founder of the blog Who The Hell? Dom Alessio. He brings a cheerful nature to his hosting job, but also is very choosy about what he plays, which is natural I suppose for the national broadcaster. Many songs which are playlisted through the whole station who happen to be from Australian artists get an airing on the show as well, which is frustrating if you’re an avid triple j listener. It proves to be a good listen if you only occasionally listen to the jay’s.

Local &/Or General
8pm Mondays on 3RRR
Listen online here.

Music promoter Nicole Jones used to host this show with a huge passion on Melbourne’s 3RRR, but she has flown to greener pastures and has handed the reigns of the show to a rotating host of people every few weeks. The two hour show works in the same way to Home and Hosed, but is more willing to play demos and things of lesser quality. Many bands that get played on the show are much more left field than normal, which makes for an interesting perspective of where Australian music really is at.

Jack Off With Jack Shit
3pm Saturdays on FBi Radio
Listen online here.

With a wacky show name comes a wacky radio show. The extravagant and odd at the same time vinyl nutcase Jack Shit presents this insane two hour block of noise and eccentricity on Sydney’s FBi 94.5. The majority of what you hear is Australian, ranging from noise rock, to vinyl 78s of crooners who talked with a faux English accent. The majority of the interviews are the most relaxed chats that you’d ever hear over any frequency as well.

The Live Set
8pm Fridays; repeated on 4pm Sundays on ABC Radio National
Listen online here.

This innovative program presents live sets every week on Radio National, which admittedly is not the coolest of radio stations. There is much to love about the programming on offer though. Recently the show has offered live sets from Sarah Blasko, Saskwatch and Sandy Evan’s Indian Project. A hotpot of different sounds every week makes for an curious listen.

Koori Radio
Listen to the station here.

This whole radio station deserves some great kudos for presenting indigenous music from this country The station hosts a wide range of cultural programming that stems from the traditional to the more upbeat sounds that are being made in indigenous communities. Koori Radio is a unique station that should be treasured as a celebration of sound.