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E3 2015: The ten most surprising announcements from E3 2015

This year’s E3 Expo was one of the most impactful and exciting in years, managing to surprise even the most jaded, cynical gaming enthusiasts with it’s many announcements and trailers. Now that the expo has drawn to a close for another year, we thought we’d round up the ten announcements, demos and trailers that took us most by surprise.

E3 2015: Heroes of the Storm's Eternal Conflict event gets new trailer

Blizzard's hero-brawler Heroes of the Storm is set to kick off its months-long Eternal Conflict event that will add new maps and characters from the Diablo franchise. The new trailer debuted at the PC Gaming Show brief at E3 yesterday.

E3 2015: Pillar of Eternity getting first expansion, The White March - Part1

Popular throwback RPG Pillars of Eternity is getting its first expansion, The White March - Part 1. The expansion is coming soon and was announced during yesterday's PC Gaming Show at E3.

E3 2015: Planet Coaster coming to PC in 2016

Frontier Developments, known for games like Zoo Tycoon and the great RollerCoaster Tycoon series have announced a return to the theme park builder genre with Planet Coaster, set to arrive on PC in 2016.

E3 2015: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bound for PC

The Coalition's Gears of War: Ultimate Edition HD remaster is also coming to PC, according studio head Rod Fergusson. The announcement came from the PC Gaming Show at E3 yesterday.

E3 2015: Cross-play, cross-buy version of Killer Instinct coming to PC

Microsoft's brawler Killer Instinct is making the jump from Xbox One to the PC. In an extremely pleasant twist, the game will also support cross-platform play and cross-buy mechanics.

E3 2015: Tripwire announces Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Tripwire Interactive have announced their next game, an "asymmetrical" military shooter sequel, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, during the PC Gaming Show press conference last night.

E3 2015: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 releases in September on PS4 and Xbox One

We got our first scarce details on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 just last month and Activision is clearly pinning their hopes on the game to return the series to its former glory. The Birdman himself has swung by E3 2015 to reveal the game's release date.

E3 2015: Take On Mars getting another beta soon, latest trailer arrives

Bohemia Interactive's most ambitious title, Take On Mars, has dropped a new trailer during the PC Gaming Show press con at E3. The game is been available in early access for a while now and a proper beta of the apparently near-complete game will arrive shortly.

E3 2015: Sony unveils trailer for Project Morpheus VR title Godling

One of a number of games Sony have been showing off at this year's E3 built for their Project Morpheus VR gear, Godling puts you in the role of a young god.

E3 2015: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided coming early 2016, check out the trailers here

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will see release in the early part of next year according to the head of Eidos Montreal. The announcement came during Square Enix's E3 press briefing.

E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII coming to iOS, PS4 port of PC version delayed

Square Enix has announced plans to bring Final Fantasy VII to the iOS App Store. The news came out of Square's E3 2015 press con today.

E3 2015: There's a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. Remain calm.

No-one was expecting to see gameplay from Kingdom Hearts 3 during the Square Enix E3 presentation this morning but that's exactly what we were given. 2 minutes and forty five seconds of glorious gameplay.

E3 2015: Nintendo partners with Platinum Games on Star Fox Zero

Nintendo has joined forces with Platinum Games to build the latest entry in their Star Fox series for Wii U. Titled Star Fox Zero, the game is neither a sequel nor a remake according Shigeru Miyamoto. It's due for launch this Christmas.

E3 2015: Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness will launch on PS4, PS3 next year

Square Enix have unveiled Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness, the fifth main franchise title in the Star Ocean series during their E3 press conference this morning. The game will release in the US and Europe (hopefully that includes us!) on PS4 in 2016.