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Hello Asia! Interview: BP Valenzuela (Philippines) talks about her music and performing at Music Matters LIVE

Synth-pop solo artist BP Valenzuela, had a chat with Hello Asia editor Johnny Au during her time at Music Matters in Singapore to discuss her new album The Neon Hour. This is the first time the nineteen-year old has performed outside of her home in the Philippines.

the AU interview at Music Matters: Spender (Melbourne) talks new music, the world of film scoring & his future plans in Asia!

It's been an exciting year for Melbourne born talent Spender, as he works on his new material. "As I'm getting older, and not necessarily wiser," he jokes, "the pace of my ability to get work done has slowed but the quality has, hopefully, improved." More so, to increase the quality of his art, Spender has been looking into different ways of releasing and presenting his music. He shares with us his obsession with podcasting, "it a real movement that I want to become part of and really understand how to integrate my music into that format". Click through to see the full interview!

Hello Asia! Interview @ Music Matters LIVE 2015: Abby Asistio describes her Music Matters experience and being an ambassador of NAAF and more!

Filipino artist Abby Asistio recently sat down with Hello Asia editor Johnny Au at Music Matters LIVE 2015 in Singapore. On Music Matters Abby is "...having such a blast..." and " was such an amazing experience performing to people outside of the Phillipines...". She talks about what makes her music different, new music and being an ambassador of National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Tour Diary: Twin Lakes (Newcastle) take on the Aussie BBQ, check out new bands in Singapore and eat some laksa... (Part Two)

Earlier this week, Twin Lakes shared the first part of their Music Matters Tour Diary with us. Now, we bring you Part Two, still at the heart of Music Matters. For their last three days in Singapore, the guys share their experiences with us, from city explorations and the Aussie BBQ, to discovering new music and meeting other Aussies. See the full tour diary below...

Tour Diary: Twin Lakes (Newcastle) take on Music Matters, technical difficulties and more

Newcastle's indie pop outfit, Twin Lakes, took the AU along for the ride while they were at Music Matters in Singapore recently. Join them as they show us their experiences through their first three days on tour, including epic flights, thong hunts, unfortunate technical difficulties,, and more. Click through for the full tour diary...

the AU interview at Music Matters: Twin Lakes (Newcastle) talks on crowd interaction, CMW and new EP over Singapore Laksa

During their time at Singaporean's Music Matters event, the AU review's Larry Heath took the time to have a chat to Newcastle Indie/Pop band, Twin Lakes over some Singaporean Laksa at the famous 328 Katong Laksa.

Hello Asia! @ Music Matters LIVE Interview: SONAMOO (South Korea) chats about their debut track Déjà Vu and more

K-Pop rookie girl group SONAMOO was one of the headline acts at this year's K-Pop Night Out music showcase at Music Matters Live 2015 in Singapore. SONAMOO made their debut in December 2014 with the track "Déjà vu" and they have continued to rise up the K-Pop charts. Hello Asia! editor Johnny Au chats to SONAMOO about "Déjà vu" and their time as they prepared for their debut.

the AU interview at Music Matters: Michelle Xen (Brisbane) talks dirty club sets, upcoming EP and more

Editor Johnny Au sat down with Brisbane's Michelle Xen to chat all things Music Matters. So far, she had been super impressed, "This is my first time ever in Singapore... the food is so good." The big topic of conversation though, was the eventful gig that saw Michelle's bass player injured... Click through to find out more.

the AU interview: Angus Dawson (Perth) talks Music Matters, Future Plans and more

the AU sat down with Angus Dawson while at Music Matters in Singapore. About being his first time in Singapore, Dawson says: "completely unreal...against all my expectations", with an honourable mention to the food, architecture and the people. He has played a number of showcases while in Singapore, including playing at the Aussie BBQ, with a mix of old and new songs on his sets. Watch the full interview below...

Tour Diary: Coin Banks (Perth) takes on Music Matters, The Sims life, Dumplings, and more

Photo Credit: Michelle Grace Hunder

While he was in Singapore for Music Matters, Coin Banks took the AU along on his travels and shared his personal experiences with us via this tour diary. From feeling like being put in a video game, to his apparent addiction to dumplings, Coin Banks shows us what life was like for him at the conference and while he explored the city. Check out the full tour diary below...

the AU interview at Music Matters: Time Giant (Canada) talk playing abroad, global domination and more

the AU review's Johnny Au sits down with rock trio Time Giant from Canada at Music Matters in Singapore to talk playing abroad, global domination and more. On playing their first showcase at Music Matters, they said: "We wanted to start playing abroad a lot more, we played in the states and in Germany before - we had a really good invitation from the organizer, and we set up some meetings and thought... let's give it a shot."

Tour Diary: Jill Beth (Brisbane) on Canadian Music Week, sight seeing, new opportunities and more!

Jill Beth, singer/songwriter from Brisbane, recently went on tour to play at Canadian Music week, and takes the AU along for the ride. She shares her experiences and the adventures she went on, including sight seeing at Niagara Falls and Toronto's Music Garden, and her performances at venues including The Cadillac Lounge and The Horseshoe Tavern. Click through to view the full tour diary...

the AU interview at Music Matters: Jason Kerrison (New Zealand) speaks on humid Singapore and the build up to #JKEP1

Photo Credit: Steve Dykes Photography

the AU review sat down with Jason Kerrison at Singapore Music Matters to chat about the challenges of playing to J-Pop crowds with a sweating guitar, releasing music outside the major label cycle and shaking up how he performs.

Music Matters LIVE Special Feature: SONAMOO performs 'People's Little Sister' at K-Pop Night Out

Rookie K-Pop girl group SONAMOO performs a snippet of "People's Little Sister" LIVE at K-Pop Night Out showcase during Music Matters LIVE 2015 in Singapore. The newest group from K-Pop agency TS Entertainment wowed the crowd at the Fountain Stage in Clarke Quay to showcase their talents. SONAMOO also performed their debut hit "Deja Vu" which was well received by their fans in the audience. The future looks bright for SONAMOO.

the AU interview at Music Matters: Hey Geronimo (Brisbane) talks on Singaporean crowd, debut LP and more!

Brisbane-based band Hey Geronimo joined the AU review at Singapore's Music Matters, showcasing their music to thousands of people in the country. Having done shows in Australia, it was a new and enjoyable experience for the band, "It's really cool, it's fantastic. We've never been here before. The people are great, the weather's great, the bands are great - we're having a really fun time."