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the AU interview: Jimmy Williams of Steve Lane and the Autocrats (Australia) talks Canada, other projects and musical discoveries

the AU review sat down with Jimmy Williams from Steve Lane and the Autocrats earlier in the year while in Canada, talking about Canadian adventure, plans for recording and balancing five or six different projects at once. Booking last minute shows, networking and enjoying touring are but a day in the life for Jimmy.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Japanese Tongue Sisters (Perth) talk about their unique duo dynamic

Perth based Indie-alternative-pop duo Japanese Tongue Sisters also known as Sophie and Tom, discuss their last minute Canadian Music Week booking with Larry. Luckily enough for Sophie and Tom, CMW managed to squeeze them into the showcase after receiving their acceptance letters late. After a stressful ordeal, they made it onto the bill,being the only Australian band at The Velvet Underground venue, playing a successful show on the Thursday. Click through for the full interview...

the AU interview: Matthew Angus from Fast Romantics (Calgary) chats new material, awards and triple j

Photo Credit: Allison Janzen

The AU's Larry Heath caught up with Matthew Angus from Calgary group Fast Romantics at the Canadian Music Week Indie awards earlier this year. After winning last year they presented this year, released a new single and planned a tour across Canada all while working on a new album. With a darker edge and another round of new band members, Matt seems excited despite their 'whatever' attitude to deadlines on new material. Looks like we're in for an organic new release from band on top of their game... at some point in the future.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Selaphonic (Queensland) on their love for North America and EP release

Tim and Jamie from Selaphonic caught up with Larry at the Aussie BBQ at Canadian Music Week earlier this year. Describing the city as "Melbourne on heat upon heat upon heat", half of the electric indie-pop band sum up their time so far in Toronto and reveal their future plans. Click through to find out more...

the AU interview: Julia Why? (Sydney) take on Canada, recording new music and more...

Earlier this year, Larry Heath sat down with Sydney's Julia Why? while they were at the Canadian Music Week Aussie BBQ. They talk of their positive experience in Canada as they promote their new album, Wheel, and look ahead to their shows abroad and back at home.

Touring Tips For When You're On The Road from Melbourne's Hamish Anderson

Is drinking the night before a gig a good idea? Is it necessary to bring a pillow while on tour? What kind of food do you eat in Canada? When you're a musician, sometimes it's tough making decisions on your own. Doing what you love in a new country can be scary and with it comes its blessings and challenges. We've got the answers to the all-important questions, as Melbourne's Hamish Anderson shares his top touring tips with us earlier this year at Canadian Music Week. Watch the full interview below!

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Betty and Oswald talk their Canadian shows and their upcoming music.

Sydney based duo, Betty & Oswald sat down with us to chat about the turn out at Canadian Music Week and their amazing experience in the studio at Songhubs. The duo also shared with us their creative process for pushing out new music. Read on for the full interview.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Elliot Maginot (Montreal) chats about his first full length LP & first studio experience!

the AU review sat down with artist Elliot Maginot during Canadian Music Week to hear about his first full-length record released this year Young Old Everything in Between. Describing his first real studio experience as the 'best summer of his life'," Elliot gave us a rundown on his process and working with Jason Lasek.

the AU interview at Canadian music week : HOWQUA (Melbourne) talks touring and songwriting!

We caught up with Melbourne based musician HOWQUA during Canadian Music Week. This is the first time performing on an international stage for the acoustic singer, who has been touring non-stop as a solo artist. Click through to check out the interview on his hectic schedule, his songwriting process and his next step...

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Humans (Vancouver) talk playing new material, day jobs and more

We had a chat with Canadian electronic duo Humans, while they were at Canadian Music Week. This is their first time at CMW and they have been finishing their main run of shows following their recent albumNoontide. Click through to watch the interview, where the pair talk about touring, new material, male models, and more...

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Cafeine (Canada) talks new album, LA and Australian vibes

Larry Heath caught up with indie post punk singer/songwriter Cafeine while he was at the Indies for the Canadian Music Week Awards in Toronto. During his time at CMW, he notes he has played a few shows, met new people, done a few interviews and has been “enjoying the water because the wine is expensive”. Click through to hear the full interview, where he talks about writing his new album, his manager, Australia, and more...

the AU interview: Ash Grunwald (Melbourne) talks new music, getting his Synth on, Bluesfest and more...

We caught up with Ash Grunwald while he was at Canadian Music Week about writing his new album, Bluesfest vibes, future plans, and more. Click through to watch part two of the interview, and to find out what to expect with his upcoming material...

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Hein Cooper (Milton, NSW) talks on his progression as a musician and more

Indie musician Hein Cooper had a sit down chat with the AU review's Larry Heath during his run at Canadian Music Week. Having done shows in Canada last year, Cooper expresses that he's glad that the shows have run really smoothly, "They've been really good and I've gotten good reactions from the people. It's been good to play my new stuff to everybody and see how they responded."

Hello Asia! Interview @ Canadian Music Week: Love X Stereo (South Korea) talks about their latest music, their return to Canada and more!

Larry Health recently chatted with South Korean electronic band Love X Stereo while they were at Toronto for Canadian Music Week last month. Love X Stereo have just returned to Canada but ", we've been here in 2013 for UAE Canada...". The group talk about new songs, management and how their first showcase went. Watch below for the full interview.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Ecca Vandal (Melbourne) talks new music, future plans and more

Photo by Larry Heath.

Larry Heath caught up with Ecca Vandal while she was in Toronto for Canadian Music Week last month. For her first time playing her music in Canada, she was really enjoying it, " was really cool just to be playing my original music on the other side of the world. It was kinda surreal". Listen to the full interview below, where she talks about her live shows, future plans, and more...