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Hello Asia! Feature: Chinese Music Chart Overview as of 15th of October

Hello Asia is back to bring you the latest Chinese music chart rankings as of the 15th of October from KKBox (Hong Kong & Taiwan).

Hello Asia! Album Review: Yen-J -"Thanksgiving" (Taiwan, 2015)

Yen-J’s fifth album Thanksgiving is exactly what its been packaged to be. Although reminiscent of his past albums, there’s something different about this one. Wrapped in a simple package designed with a bottle of water on the front and first aid symbols, band aids and the like adorning it, this album is everything its cut up to be (pun intended)-a first aid kit for emotional boo-boos. Returning from a two year long hiatus, Yen-J is back and ready to share what he’s learned in the past two years both emotionally and artistically with listeners everywhere.

AOA's First Official Fan Meeting Announced

FNC Entertainment has announced the first official fan meeting ‘2015 AOA Heart Attack’ to celebrate AOA’s 3 years debut anniversary.

Bands performing at Zandari Festa 2015 give us their thoughts about the festival

Started in 2012, Zandari Festa quickly established itself as South Korea’s largest music showcase festival. The annual event takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area, the epicenter of youth culture in South Korea and ground zero for the country’s indie music scene. For three days each October, Zandari Festa brings together acts and music industry professionals from around the world for concerts and conferences at more than 20 unique venues around Hongdae. One wristband allows festival-goers access to all of Zandari Festa’s shows.

Taiwanese film ‘Panay’ to open 2015 Singapore International Film Festival

The Taiwanese film Panay will be the opening film for this year’s upcoming Singapore International Film Festival (November 26-December 6).

Jay Chou to voice for Kung Fu Panda 3

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou will be voicing one of the characters in the upcoming, animated feature film, Kung Fu Panda 3.

Hello Asia! Album Review: Leehom Wang - "Your Love 你的愛" (Taiwan, 2015)

In 2008 Taiwanese superstar Leehom Wang released his album Heartbeat 心跳 and labelled it an album that he dedicated especially to the guitar. Since then I've been wondering when he would dedicate an album to the piano, and he finally has. Although it's not a widely marketed point of this album, it's clear that in Leehom's long-awaited 2015 album Your Love 你的愛, Leehom's supporting instrument of choice was most definitely his beloved piano. Mainly classified by Leehom as an EDM-based album, the musical maestro has seamlessly blended this lesser-known genre in with elements of Chinese mainstream pop to create a completely different listening experience for all listeners. I believe that Leehom's signature sound is not overly apparent to fans given the long time he's spent in the industry. But it is nevertheless always present in his music. And this signature sound of his always aims for the same thing-the element of surprise.

Our Times (我的少女時代) hits $NTD3 billion at the box office - actor Wang Da Lu strips as promised

For those of you who haven’t heard of the latest Taiwanese movie craze sweeping the nation, let me fill you in. With a storyline reminiscent of 2011 Taiwanese blockbuster The apple of my eye 那些年我們一起追的女孩, Our Times 我們的少女時代 is set in a similar 1980s-esque era in a Taiwanese high school. The flick follows the bittersweet love story of a plain jane (Vivian Sung) who in the process of chasing after the school’s pretty boy (Dino Lee) ends up falling for resident bad boy (Wang Da Lu) instead. Sound familiar?

Hello Asia! Interview: SaSa (Taiwan) talks to us about Super Taste at the TVB Australia Carnival 2015

Taiwanese television host SaSa speaks to us at the TVB Australia Carnival 2015 in Sydney recently. SaSa talks about her favourite dishes and destinations visited on her show Super Taste. We also ask her about her Australian experiences and get her to try our favourite chocolate biscuit - the Tim Tam. (TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Hello Asia! Feature: Stars of TVB Australia Carnival 2015 speak about their participation at the event

Hong Kong television channel TVB held their annual TVB Australia Carnival 2015 at Burwood Park in Sydney. The annual event is a showcase of some of the best Chinese television talent from TVB's lineup from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. This year TVB has invited their Hong Kong drama stars Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong, Taiwanese lifestyle television host SaSa and China's Dax and Yali to the Carnival. Below is a transcript of what they said to the media at their press conference.

Hello Asia! Interview: Alan Kuo (Taiwan) talks about passionate fans, doing different music & more!

Alan Kuo Taiwan rocker-singer-actor sits with Hello Asia! editor Johnny Au backstage at the Golden Melody Awards and discusses about his showcase performance, last album release, filming for dramas and more! Check out the interview below.

Hello Asia! Feature: Chinese Music Chart Overview as of 26th of August

Hello Asia! brings you the latest Chinese chart music rankings as of the 26th of August from Chinese charts KKBox (Hong Kong & Taiwan).

Hello Asia! Interview: Yen-j (Taiwan) discusses performance at Golden Melody Awards, producing music & more!

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au talks to Taiwanese jazz-pop singer-songwriter Yen-j backstage at the Golden Melody Awards Festival. Yen-j talks about the audience and performance, having freedom in producing his own music, plans for the rest of 2015 and more! The interview clip is available to watch below!

Hello Asia! Interview: Boxing (Taiwan) talks about being nominated at the Golden Melody Awards and more!

Taiwan reggae, Latin-hip-hop rock band Boxing sits down with Hello Asia editor Johnny Au backstage at the Golden Melody Awards. The members talk about their showcase performance, which artists influenced their music, how they feel about being nominated as Best New Group, plans for the rest of 2015 and more! (TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES!)

2015 Sydney Taiwan Festival to be held on September 5-6 at Darling Harbour

The 2015 Sydney Taiwan Festival will be held in Darling Harbour on September 5-6. Organised by the Taiwanese Students’ Association and Taiwan Festival Committee, the Festival will feature exciting performances, Taiwanese cultural activities and lots of delicious food stalls. If you’d like to experience a bit of Taiwan here in Sydney, Hello Asia! has all the details below!