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ASEAN Games Australia 2015 to be held in Melbourne on 19-27 September 2015

The 2015 ASEAN Games Australia will be held in Melbourne on 19-27 September. Organised by the Victorian branch of the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA), the Games are a multinational sports event that will allow athletes from ten different Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries to compete. The Games will feature eight sports: badminton, basketball, futsal, netball, table tennis, tennis and Ultimate Frisbee, as well as four electronic sports: FIFA 2015, Defence of the Ancients (DOTA), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends (LoL). If you’re interested in competing, Hello Asia! has all the details below!

Indonesian feature film ‘A Copy of My Mind’ invited to 72nd Venice International Film Festival

Indonesian feature film A Copy of My Mind, directed by Joko Anwar, has been invited to the Orizzonti section of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. Co-produced by CJ Entertainment (the film division of media and content company CJ E&M) and Indonesia’s Lo-Fi Flicks, the movie marks their first collaboration together.

J-Pop K-Style Boy Group Addiction to Appear at POPCON ASIA 2015 in Indonesia

J-pop boy group Addiction performed their one year anniversary one-man live show at Shin-Okubo SHOBOX on June 28, and announced a forthcoming new single and their first ever overseas show at POPCON ASIA in Indonesia.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Abdul & The Coffee Theory "PMS (Pengen Marah Selalu)" (Indonesia, 2015)

Abdul & The Coffee Theory is an Indonesian band that blends pop and jazz music with a touch of blues. After hits like Bodoh Itu Setia and Happy Ending, the band comes back with a new single titled PMS (Pengen Marah Selalu), which literally translates to Always Want to Get Angry.

Hello Asia! Music Video: Sheila On 7 "Lapang Dada" (Indonesia, 2014)

Veteran Indonesian band, Sheila On 7 released a positive song inviting listeners to gracefully accept and learn from all events in life. Titled "Lapang Dada" that translates to sincere and heartfelt acceptance, it is composed by band member Eross. Inspired by his personal relationships with his father and son, the medium tempo song is simply layered with electric guitar. And the music video? It perfectly portray the essence of "Lapang Dada". See it for yourself.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Soulvibe "Tak Bisa Menunggu" (Indonesia, 2015)

Indonesian band Soulvibe induces contemporary urban pop culture, sound and fashion into their new single titled "Tak Bisa Menunggu". As part of their 4th album production, band explores, experiments and combines dance, funk and soul music into the basic concept of their work. "Tak Bisa Menunggu" has apparent influence of 1980s and 1990s sound with a modern pop twist, which is accurately presented in the music video. Soulvibe effortlessly sway their fans away with catchy beats and vocal.

Hello Asia! Feature: Ghassani's 10 Favourite Indonesian Pop Songs from the '90s

As I was scrolling through YouTube in my usual YouTube blackhole journey, I found myself listening to my favourite classic Indonesian pop songs. Then came the thought, "Why don't I make a list of my favourite Indonesian pop songs for Hello Asia?" So here it is. As a proud Indonesian by blood, I can't help but have this urge to share only the best - well, according to my taste - classic Indonesian pop songs back from the 90s and early 2000s! Some of the songs are, so to say, quite legendary amongst Indonesians, so why not introduce it to the world? In this article, I will only list the ones that were released between 1990-2005 by Indonesian pop singers, so enjoy!

Hello Asia! IFF 2015 Review: 7/24 (Indonesia, 2014)

Inspired by Actor Lukman Sardi’s real life experience, Director Fajar Nugros presents the life of middle class society in Jakarta and targets the young couples through his most recent work 7/24.

Hello Asia! IFF 2015 Review: Tes Nyali (Indonesia, 2015)

Through the meeting with the Producer and Director, Vijei Al Fajr at the Indonesian Film Festival, Hello Asia writer Lya Susanto heard about their visions and aspirations for Indonesian's horror films in the long run. Both of them aspire to revive the fallen horror genre without inducing any sexual elements, and hope to introduce and perhaps combine the genre with the fundamentals of other genres such as thriller and actions to Indonesian market. Find out how Fajr's Tes Nyali (Test of Fear) went.

Hello Asia! IFF 2015 Review: Jalanan (Indonesia, 2013)

Screened for the second time in Melbourne during the Indonesian Film Festival, Jalanan received a warm welcome breaking the festival’s record and selling out 390 tickets for the first time in the festival brief history. The festival closing film is a documentary that explores the street life in Jakarta highlighting elements of politics, sex, love, family, corruption, and globalization through music.

Hello Asia! IFF 2015: Di Balik 98 press conference with Lukman Sardi and Chelsea Islan

The team from Hello Asia attended the press conference to the film Di Balik 98 which was shown at the Indonesian Film Festival which is currently held at ACMI in Melbourne. The director of Di Balik attended the press conference along with lead actress Chelsea Islan

Hello Asia! IFF 2015 Interview: Di Balik 98 Director Lukman Sardi & Actress Chelsea Islan talk social issues & Indonesian Film industry

Hello Asia's writer Lya Susanto brings you an exclusive chat with Indonesian actor/film makers Lukman Sardi and Chelsea Islan at the Indonesian Film Festival Australia 2015. After acting in a wide range of challenging roles varying from an assassin to a gay character and receiving numerous acting awards Indonesia, Lukman Sardi aims to add colours and facilitate the growth of local film industry with his directorial film debut, Di Balik 98. Main star Chelsea Islan has inspired many with her talents and has been actively supporting Indonesian film industry at the world stage with her role as the festival’s brand ambassador this year.

Hello Asia! IFF 2015 Interview: 3 Nafas Likas director Rako Prijanto and actress Atiqah Hasiholan discuss the film

Hello Asia's Lya Susanto chats with Indonesian Film Festival 2015 opening film 3 Nafas Likas (Likas’ 3 Breaths) director, Rako Prijanto and lead actress Atiqah Hasiholan in Melbourne. Rako Prijanto talks about the historical significance of the film while Atiqah Hasiholan chats about playing Likas Tarigan and the role she played in modern Indonesian history.

Hello Asia! IFF 2015: 3 Nafas Likas Q&A session with Rako Prijanto & Atiqah Hasiholan

Indonesian Film Festival Australia Opening film 3 Nafas Likas director, Rako Prijanto and lead actress Atiqah Hasiholan shared the stage at their Q&A session with Peter Krausz, a renown Australian film critic and a presenter of Movie Metropolis radio program on 3NRG on 9th April 2015 at ACMI Melbourne. Peter asked Rako and Atiqah about the making of 3 Nafas Likas and the history behind the film.

Hello Asia! Film Review: Cherrybelle's Crush (Indonesia, 2014)

Irving Artemas, producer of Singaporean film 3 Peas in a Pod starring ex U-KISS member Alexander Lee Eusebio, presents yet another entertaining production starring Indonesia's most famous and successful girl group, Cherrybelle. His latest release titled Cherrybelle's Crush was screened in Melbourne at The Backlot Studios last Monday and by the end of the year, it will be screened in another 12 countries in South East Asia.